What is it costing you to stay in the messy middle?

I saw this quote and it hit me hard:
What is it costing you to stay where you are, if it's not where you want to be?
I felt like I time travelled to just before coaching and I didn't know everything was about to change.
Maybe you can relate.
I was doing well in life, successful career, stable income, good friends, nice holidays, busy life as you do. I could barely find a name for the unfillment i was feeling because it felt selfish to admit it.
So when I think about past me who went from that to this - I've realised there is most definitely an 'other side' to unfulfilment. But the spectrum of true fulfilment is actually the beginning of the true evolution of your life.
Quotes like this hit the people who haven't made a change but you're different. You HAVE made a change. You've STARTED. You've discovered coaching and you're IN.
You do the things, the rituals, manifestation, the belief work. It's BEGUN.
But you're quite not there yet. It feels like the messy middle.
When you're straddling two worlds of your 9to5 and your dream business. It feels like your brain and identity is split in half. You're asking yourself 'What do I need to do to make this work, what is it going to take?'.
When I look back at the part of my journey, sure, I made it through, kicking and screaming. As I moved from career purpose into business mindset I realised that no one was talking about this messy middle. You have your new purpose and mission in the world. You're MAKING the transition. But you still live in both worlds. Wanting to make it work. Ready to do what it takes. But not being clear on how.
You're loving it and fighting it all at the same time.
This is why I do what I do.
You know it's not an option to go back and accept your 'before'. A life before coaching and having this dream.
So now the only way is forward.
Inside THRIVE I work with successful career women who are transitioning from employee to CEO. From their identity as their career title into their new life as a Coach. From the woman who does work to pay the bills into the women who creates wealth, purpose and fulfilment to live a full and fulfilled life.
We work together for 6months as you build your coaching business around the 9to5.
My calendar is open for new clients this month. So I ask you, what would it cost you to stay where you are, in this messy middle, if it's not where you're meant to stay?
Schedule your consult HEREtoday.
Your coach,

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