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Never again get stuck for what to say or how to call in your dream coaching clients.

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Imagine messaging that is so vitalizing, generous and valuable that it not only calls in your most dreamy clients, it PRIMES them for success inside your containers.

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You Can Master your Message using the Abundance Marketing Method

Learn exactly how to:

💙 Sell daily, without the sleaze, so you can finally start calling in consistent clients even if you only have 1 hour per day to work on your business around the 9to5 because making it work is a non-negotiable even if you feel new to this.

💙 Elevate your message to such a level of clarity, specificity and authenticity because you know that you are stepping into something great in your coaching business and it's asking you to be seen in your fullness.

💙 Have clients who are a dream to work with coming to your sales calls ready to work with you because your your marketing's already doing the selling for you.

Because learning how to Master your Message IS how you ultimately replace and exceed your corporate salary with life coaching.

In Messaging Mastery, you’ll learn how to take up space and stop being the best kept secret in coaching whether you're create clients in person or online, no matter how small your audience size, niche, platform or price.

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In The Next 12 weeks, You Could…

  • Finally start showing up in your marketing with authority and conviction as powerfully and compassionately as you do in your coaching.
  • Start seeing how your goal of replacing and exceeding your corporate salary is a viable possibility this year because you're no longer just showing up and sharing when you feel like it; you are actively marketing and selling your offers from the heart with a strategy that converts. 
  • Be having people ask you how to work with you telling you; 'you're in my head', because your message is clear, direct and potent.

These timeless practices will support you whether it's day 1 or day 1000 in your business.

We’ll cover it all inside Messaging Mastery. 


Message Mastery Minimind

Take Control of Your Marketing and Sales in 12 weeks with the Abundance Marketing Method.


The Method that has allowed me to:

💎  Leave my corporate career and become a digital nomad, serving clients globally doing the work I love

💎  Create and serve from the heart, to a small but engaged audience; with a growing podcast, multiple social media channels, including an active Facebook Group that collectively creates consistent clients inside my 1:1 whilst spending less than 5 hours per week on content.

💎 All whilst never burning out, feeling nourished, joyful and service-led in my marketing, selling all the whilst creating a marketing platform that enhances and prepares my clients for the most transformative experience when they're inside my containers. 

Imagine this for your business and breathe in how great it gets to feel. Selling doesn't have to be guessing game; even when life is hard your business gets to feel like home.

What's Included In The Minimind...



Becoming the Coach of Choice

Faking it till you make it may work in corporate, but to BE the coach that people consistently invest 4 figures on means stepping into your personal power. In this module, will:

  • Identify exactly why you were always meant to be a life coach.
  • Step into your personal power in how you think, feel and present yourself online.
  • Identify your legacy story that positions you as the natural coach of choice for your clients.

It's time to leave playing small at the door. Stepping into life coaching will require you to take up space and claim it. In this module you will do exactly that.

Including a BONUS Visualisation to call in  your dreamiest of clients.


Content Fundamentals

There's posting and hoping, then there's strategic content creation that supports your clients to buy coaching from you and positions you as the coach of choice. This module is two parts:

Part 1:

  • Exactly how to communicate your offer, so your clients know that your offer is exactly what they need
  • How to get clear on WHO your client is so you can finally drop the niche drama once and for all

Part 2:

  • The essential and simple content fundamentals that positions you as an expert, authority and creates trust in your audience to actually buy from you
  • How to address the challenging topics and approach your clients struggles from leadership and with compassion

You’ll finish this module with clarity on what to prioritise in your messaging and how to create content that actually converts. 


Expanding your Capacity 

Selling at the frequency you need is a non-negotiable especially when your entire business exists online. In this module learn:

  • Exactly how to increase your capacity to show up and sell
  • Why this is a critical aspect of selling and serving
  • How to increase your capacity without burn out or overwhelm

You didn't start this business to create another version of your 9to5. You're here because you love Life Coaching and being of service, so it's important your marketing and selling feels that way too. 


Positioning your Offer

The secret to stopping sales from feeling sleazy is one simple mindset shift. In this module, you’ll finally learn how:

  • Sell from the energy of service and what that looks on a practical level in your messaging.
  • How to create messaging that has clients telling YOU why you're the coach for them. 
  • Creating ethical urgency that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your client.
  • Create safety for your audience to connect and ultimately buy from you as the life coach of choice.

You’ll finish this module feeling READY to sell and to create content that supports that.


Symptom Specificity

Getting crystal clear on how to speak to your clients problems and desires is the switch from being an inspirational influencer to 'how do I work with you?!' content. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to shift from using 'coachy' speak (words like: 'self-love', 'abundance', and 'limiting beliefs') to language your clients will understand.
  • How to speak to your audience struggles in a way that leaves them better and ready to work with you. 

You’ll finish this module with the clarity on how to actually help people without keeping them stuck, even before they pay you. 


Client Case-Studies

Showcasing your client results is more than just sharing screenshots - especially when all you get is 'that was such a powerful session!'. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Why show casing client case studies is an essential part of the sales process
  • How to identify the actual transformation you've taken your clients through
  • 3 different ways to showcase client transformations in your content

You’ll finish this module confident you can finally proudly about the incredible work you are already doing with your clients. 


How to sell in any energy

You've learned by now waiting for motivation is fleeting, and inspiration often get's lost in the scroll. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to sell in any energy so you can maintain consistency
  • The key things to watch out for when selling and marketing
  • 3 powerful hacks to prime yourself to be able to sell from abundance even when you're not getting clients

So that you can show up in any energy and still know your message is being reached by the right people and calling in your dream clients.


The Art of Story Telling

Story telling is a gift of humanity as old as time, it predates written record, and is how wisdom was passed from generation to generation. 

  • Discover how to leverage simple yet timeless story telling techniques
  • Draw your audience in and help them feel even more connection with you.

You’ll finish this week with refinement on how to bring your messaging to life and through the power of story telling to create deeper connection before your clients ever pay you. 



For as long as you have a business you will be marketing and selling. Inside this module you will learn how to:

  • Leverage your content in a multitude of ways across multiple mediums
  • Set yourself up for scalable marketing and messaging even when you don't have much time

You’ll finish this week with practical know-how to maximise your creation without overworking whilst preparing your business for sustainable scaling in the long term.


Creating outside the box

The truth is you get to sell and market in ANY way you please. Here we will explore the unconventional, surprising and creative ways you can share your message with the people who need your medicine most. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • A core truth about messaging that not enough people are talking about
  • How to be completely and entirely YOU in your marketing without the fear of being misunderstood, judged or humiliated
  • Expansive ways to create clients that you may have never considered before

You’ll finish this module with a fresh perspective on what really matters when it comes to messaging that arguably blows everything else in this course out of the water. We'll break all the rules and have fun doing it.


Message Mastery Minimind

It's time to graduate from sharing motivational quotes, posting without a plan, feeling bored with your own feed, chasing the latest trend, trying to do more (when you already post 3-5 times per week) and questioning if you'll ever make it. It's unsustainable and if it is was working, it would be working already.

Instead, you'll be using the Abundance Marketing Method to step into your personal power and finally start calling in those dream clients you know need your help. 

Creating powerful messaging is more than just creating pretty graphics inside Canva, using a viral hook and audio and spending way too long editing; The Abundance Marketing Method is how you marketing and sell every day, in a way that is nourishing to you and your people, whilst preparing your clients to finally receive the transformation they desperately need...

My client's inside say it best....

Get instant access to all the trainings...

This Minimind Is For You If You're...

  • Bored with the niche, pillar, bio and 'getting in your own way' drama

  •  Ready to Market and SELL as POWERFULLY as you coach even if you’re new to this (and especially if you’re not)

  • Never again wants to question what to say or how to show up and SELL even when you don't feel motivated.

  • SO ready to speak from authority, service and certainty, with conviction AND courage, even when you are tired after a big day at work.

Begins w/c 4th March!

Messaging Mastery Minimind


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3 monthly payments


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Full price ÂŁ560

I want this!
Begins w/c 4th March!

Messaging Mastery Minimind


Payment Plan


3 monthly payments


Pay In Full


Full price ÂŁ560

I want this!
Welcome, Coach, 

I'm Pamella Pritchard

Self confessed writer, poet, romantic, spiritual  corporate career woman turned digital nomad, life and business coach and mentor.

If you told me 5 years ago I would be giving up my near 6 fig London based corporate career to live bare foot by the beach in tropical North Queensland I would have told you to shut up and buy me another Jaeger. Now I don't even drink.

I swapped booze and snooze for cold showers and meditations. I got certified in 2020 as an ICF accredited coach and along the way I built this beautiful business with a lot of fear of enoughness, grieving my corporate identity and questioning myself. Despite my personal fear, I found more and more coaches were asking me for guidance on how to make the transition I made and I finally became the coach I needed for other incredible coaches in my shoes. 

Now I've stepped into my personal power and use what I've learned to help people just like you to build their coaching business and become the coach their career wasn't expecting. Swapping teams for reels, and a safe corporate salary for the limitless land of entrepreneurship in an online world of contradictory advice and confusing paradigms.

Inside Messaging Mastery, I’ll show you how to earn more, call in Soul-Clients and share your message to the world without the hustle and grind that got you so far in your corporate career, because you know as well as I do, your soul's work plays by a different set of rules and it's time to start honouring that. 


Yessss. I want to join Messaging Mastery