What I’ve learnt after 1000 Instagram Posts as a coaching business owner

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THIS is my 1000th post on Instagram. 


I started with ZERO whilst I was still in Corporate in a full-time job, during that pandemic, living in London, UK.


No previous experience in social media other than a private Insagram account for holiday pics.


No followers.

No clients.

No idea.


Now, I have a growing and thriving business, filled with Soul Clients who are a DREAM to work with. I’m full-time in coaching and am currently 2 years into being a digital nomad, in Queensland, Australia.


Here’s what I learnt from 1000...


1. My business isn’t Instagram

Even though Instagram is a large chunk of where I put my energy to create clients, it isn’t my entire my business.

My business is the soul of an idea that chose me, and I choose to steward it through IG and other places. A bit like a paintbrush and canvas to an artist. It is not the painting, but it’s how it gets its form.

If you’re approaching Instagram like it’s your whole business then you’ll always be at the mercy of it.

Chasing the latest trend, tricks and tips from people who have nailed IG trying to be like them when in reality, you’re not actually interested in being an IG expert or influencer, you’re here to be a coach.

When you start to see IG as a tool to be used within your business, instead of being defined by it, you start to recall your power and have more control over the amount of clients you actually make from it.


2. No one post can make or break my business

Every post I create is a teeny-tiny expression of my business and bigness. It is never the whole business or the whole of me. Just as one date isn’t your whole relationship. That’s a lot of pressure to put on one post (or a date!). So when I remember to see it for what it is; one beautiful snapshot in time; I get to play, and be ALL-IN and present with that one idea, letting it be enough and enjoying it for what it is.

If you’re avoiding showing up as confidently as you do in your coaching sessions feeling a looming sense of pressure to get it ‘right’ to create clients then of course you’ll regularly be disappointed. This could be a deeper fear at play which is where 1:1 will help you to identify and resolve that.

Thinking about posting is not the same as actually just posting. My early posts looked nothing like this, they evolved into this, because I practiced often. Quantity creates quality. Yours will evolve and flourish over time too without negating the potency of what you have to say now.


3. Creating from abundance is way more nourishing than creating from scarcity

I’ve tried both lol. Unintentionally of course. But you guessed it. Abundance wins every time.

Creating from abundance looks like this:

  • Me pouring from a full cup (instead of needing clients, money etc)
  • Writing for the person who will MOST benefit from what I have to say (instead of living in fear the wrong person will see it - like my boss (when I had a job).

 When you’re creating from scarcity it shows; in what you say, how it makes you feel and the (lack) of results they usually create.

 Imagine how great it could feel when you create because of the joy of creating, the joy of self-expression and the service of knowing what you say positively impacts the reader, even when you’re not saying anything ‘relevant’. 

 Read that again.

4. The message will always matter more than nailing the latest trend

I’ve done my fair share of dancing, pointing, miming, B-roll and losing myself to IG influencer accounts who argue over the best hooks - I used to worship it, now I just have a laugh with it. Because it’s never doing the latest trend that creates clients. It’s the frequency of the message that does. 

If you find yourself doom-scrolling your fav influencer accounts wondering what their secret is and now you’re thinking about starting a faceless account because THAT’S the magic bullet, you’re going to be disappointed. I’m not saying it doesn’t work - clearly it does for some. But it’s not about that and never has been. Again, it’s the FREQUENCY of the message.

 That means it isn’t even what you say, not really, it’s WHO you are being when you say it that matters (though don’t get me wrong speaking CLEARLY and DIRECTLY to your clients really f**king helps).

 Every single time I show up from the frequency of abundance, guess what I get back. 

5. Instagram is f***king awesome because of my thoughts

I used to have SUCH a love-hate relationship with IG. Frankly, I was entitled AF. I wanted it to work sooo badly and I thought it owed me something for so much effort and time spent on here whilst the engagement was NEVER good enough. 

Now, my relationship with it has completely changed. I see it as an incredible (and may I remind you) FREE tool that I GET to use for my business where I can connect with clients GLOBALLY. When I reached rock bottom I had to ask myself if I wanted to stay on this platform and when I seriously looked at the alternatives, like going to networking events weekly, I decided IG wasn’t so bad after all lol. So I got to work on enjoying it instead. 

I know you wish you could see some evidence of engagement but the algo isn’t out to get you and everytime you focus on that you’re not focused on what actually matters; The mission you are here to deliver and the people you are here to serve. 

I know it’s not that you aren’t trying. But what if you stopped fighting it so much and start focusing on your client instead...

6. Having my business in order made IG easier

Anytime IG gets ‘hard’ or feels like a place I don’t want to be it’s not because of Instagram. It’s because something in my business is off. Maybe I’m not clear on the offer I’m selling today or I’m forgetting there are SO many people who want to be full-time in their coaching business. 

When I show up for the sake of it, it gets meaningless, FAST. Instead I focus on my client and the message that wants to come through in full trust my vision and mission is meaningful because I decided it is. THAT is what create results.

Stop showing up for the sake of it.

If you are still in niche drama, don’t love your offer, believe in your price, think selling is sleazy and you don’t believe your people are waiting for you or what you have to say matters, then Instagram will feel awful. Because in order to use IG effectively you need to have your business in order - otherwise what is the point? 

When you have an offer you LOVE, a price that feels yummy to you and your clients, and you KNOW exactly what you stand for and WHY, showing up with ‘I’ve GOT to say this!’ energy becomes a natural next step and it shows...


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