The Employee to Entrepreneur Mindset

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Life Coach Employee to Entrepreneur Mindset

Who fancies a lil bit of fun? Of course you do you filthy animal you.

This is the NEVER have I ever edition for soul-led life coaches.

Proceed at your own risk...



1. Never have I ever regretted a business investment


Let’s start with a story. The first ‘big’ investment I made in my coaching business was into a 1:1 coach for just £3k (felt MASSIVE at the time). I had ALL the feels.


‘Was this a mistake?’

‘WTF have I done?’

‘What if I don’t make it back?’


Then it hit me, this kind of thinking was rooted in a scarcity mindset. I was looking at the cost versus the ROI which was entirely within my control and regardless, I WANTED it. 


I could either freak TF out about the money and stay in this remorse, ask for a refund, OR remember my vision, mission and what I was SO ready to receive as a result of getting this level of support. 


3 months after completing I had the confidence to leave my corporate career. Go figure. 


2. Never have I ever blamed my coach for a lack of results

But I have totally wanted to. In my first year of business I joined a branding course literally because my coach besties did without any due diligence on my part. The course was well intended, but let’s put it this way, as a business coach to coaches who are still learning client creation fundamentals, I DO NOT prioritise branding at this stage of business lol.

I wanted to blame my coach, but in truth, it was my fault for acting like an employee and doing what my colleagues were doing instead of owning what I really needed at the time; holistic business coaching and mentoring.

Now I know being a soul-led CEO means taking 100% responsibility for my own results, and being honest with myself about what I and my business need, instead of jumping on the bandwagon because everyone else was doing it.

Never have I ever wasted an investment


This was another huge learning curve that has avoided a LOT of pressure and overwhelm to get through it all.

If you’ve ever said ‘I’ve got to get my money’s worth!’ or ‘If I can’t do the WHOLE program then it was a waste of money’ or ‘If'm so far behind’ then this is for you....

Learning that I am the ONLY thing that creates my results saved me all of the above drama. Because believing those thoughts is putting responsibility on the coach, program, time, and attendance to create MY results. This is giving your power away.

Since moving to Australia I have CHOSEN to miss SO many live coaching opportunities due to time zones, and it’s never been a waste of investment. I also no longer stress when I can’t finish an entire program because I have the underlying identity of being a CEO who always gets the transformation I came for, no matter how much or how little I can complete or attend. And I always do. Game changer.

Never have I ever been too ‘advanced’ to receive the coaching 


This is for you if you’ve been on a group call and someone is asking a question that feels really ‘basic’ or ‘beginner’.... 


I’ll never forget this one time I was on a group call, and the client was worrying about saying the wrong thing on her podcast. At this stage, I’m regularly visible and selling, and even have a podcast that I adore to create, so this was so far from my worries that I nearly tuned out and got on with something else. But I listened in any way. And the coach said something that blew my mind. It wasn’t even meant for me. 


If I had thought myself too ‘advanced’ for the coaching I would have missed the opportunity for that uplevel. 


Every coaching experience is a learning opportunity if you get humble and choose to make it one.

Choose wisely. 

Never have I ever let other people’s opinions of coaching stop me


At an expo event a woman wandered over to my stand and asked me what I was about. I told her, and her chin raised ever so slightly and the corners of her lips dropped. “I tried all that and it wasn’t for me, brought into all those programs and got nowhere, I work back in insurance now.” she said as her upper body leaned away.


‘Well, do you like what you do now?’ I asked. 

She shrugged her shoulders and said ‘it’s better than being scammed into those coaching programs that don’t work’ before she walked off.


I wasn’t offended, I was just curious and I wondered when she specifically formed that opinion... I could have let her truth affect me OR I could focus on MY reverent opinions of the coaching space and my journey.


How would you have responded in this situation?

Never have I ever considered quitting


Yet I have met coaches who have considered quitting or have actually quit (see last slide) and here’s what I see as a major difference....

Before I do though please know there is NOTHING wrong with quitting something that you don’t actually desire or that serves no longer you.

But there-in lies the point.

Whenever I meet a coach who wants to get into coaching primarily for the ‘freedom’ (be your own boss, time, location), or ‘escape’ from the burnout of a previous career (as an alternative to making money) and NOT for the love of coaching itself, then, in my experience, they are far less likely to stay in it until it succeeds.


Because freedom is relative.

And burnout isn’t just caused by your 9to5 (with the exception of discrimination and highly toxic places - then get TF OUT), burnout is often YOU and what you are allowing, which tends to filter into your business if it hasn’t been properly addressed.

So unless you’re in it for the joy of facilitating transformation through your coaching (personally I frikin LOVE to coach) AND you have a genuine interest and curiosity to develop business skills (even if you desire freedom and to avoid burnout as a by-product)....

In my experience, this coach is more likely to ‘make it’ and sustain it because they take quitting OFF the table entirely because it simply, genuinely isn’t an option, because their soul just KNOWS coaching (and everything that comes with it - biz and all) is who they are now. When you know, you KNOW.

And just for the record, both of these things can be developed, so if this isn’t you yet, but you are a coach who wants to feel this way, then get very curious about that....


The Employee to Entrepreneur Mindset 

As you can see from the stories I've shared, it's been a growth curve.

I call this the Employee to Entrepreneur mindset. Because if like me, you've been in a pretty stable career all your life, shifting to becoming a profitable business owner requires you to show up, invest and make decisions differently to ever before.

When my clients work with me, I'm supporting them not only to execute in their business but to unravel years of conditioning.

The Entrepreneurial version of you will require you to own your decisions, investments and desires in new and bigger ways.

Those who embrace it, soar, even when it isn't pretty.

Employee to CEO

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