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Don't take it from me, this is what my clients have had to say over the years...

I want this - LFG!


"When I started with Pamella I was hating my job and wanting to quit very single day, at the same time I was unable to look for another job, or start any new projects. I was feeling stuck and even though I was in good spirits I couldn't move forward.

During my sessions with Pamella it has helped me identify where my road blocks are and be more aware of my thoughts, where are they coming from and why are they there, and how to tame them.

She is helping me be more aware and less reactive to what is going on around me. After a few sessions with her I feel better prepare to face my job issues and not let them invade my personal life. I even sent a job application for the first time in years! She has also helped me realize I had been shrinking for too long and now is the time to change that. Pamella is very kind, she can also call me out when I'm trying to make excuses to myself and that is very refreshing.

I am very grateful I found her."


"Pamella is an AMAZING coach!

I am continuously surprised at just how powerful our sessions have been, and am so extremely grateful to have found her as my coach.

The transformation I have felt these last few months - in both my career and in life - is truly indescribable.

Not only have I grown and achieved so much, but there's also this deep sense of calm balanced beautifully with feelings of inspiration and joy. Pamella has this amazing ability to make you feel so connected and taken care of with her warm, calm & professional vibes.

I SO look forward to our sessions every week & can't imagine my life without them now! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their true path on a deep level - both in career and in life." 


I didn't have a clear goal in mind for my business or indeed the session, I had a very open mind. I thought this would make me quite a difficult Client as I am prone to going off on tangents when unfocused.

Pamella was clearly ready for anything! She helped me focus and drill down on some areas to work on and consider that had not even previously occurred to me. She helped me to reach a conclusion for both my business and my learning strategy that is also going to be invaluable in the Charity and Mentorship that I offer outside of work.

There isn't a price I can put on how helpful this is, so many people will benefit going forward for these insights.

I highly recommend Pamella as a Coach.


What changed for you as a result of the career coaching we did together?

"I started my own business and have a clear goal for my future I understand what drives me, what I do, and don’t need to think about and what holds me back. I learnt about my toxic thought patterns and how important a routine is to give every day purpose for building towards my future happiness."

What did you enjoy the most or the least about the coaching experience?

The freedom to direct my thought pattern and channel the session in my own way each time I think you could tell how difficult I was finding every tasks and there was zero pressure just a complete open thought bubble to share and pick how we proceeded which enabled me to understand my thoughts and feelings and get some sort of direction! The best feeling in a really insecure and unstable headspace! Thank you!



"I went into my coaching journey optimistic, yet not 100% confident that I was going to discover career clarity.

Pamella exceeded my expectations as a coach.

She would ask me questions that I've never asked myself before, which was quite refreshing.

Ultimately I discovered my purpose and mission in life and I'm so grateful for her.

I would highly recommend Pamella’s coaching services! I sought her out for help with finding my dream career, and she did just that. I’m now taking steps to start my own business, and I have the confidence to do so knowing that it’s my purpose. I’m so grateful for Pamella and the thoughtfulness and respect she gave during my sessions."




"I've never had a coaching session before, so I didn't know what to expect. But Pamella instantly put me right at ease. She has such a calming energy, I had no problem opening up to her.

Not once did I feel judged or uncomfortable.

I would recommend her to anybody I meet!"


"Thank you for making me feel so comfortable during our CV session this morning.

You have helped me to create a CV that I am now proud to hand over to anyone, one that I feel really reflects who I am and what I can do in a professional document.

I have gained so much confidence from our session and have recognised some qualities in myself that I didn't know how to articulate.

I can't wait to come back to you for more advice and some interview tips, but for now, I feel like I have everything I need to start the hunt for a job that I will love."


"Thank you Pamella, for holding a space for me during our session today.

I love how professional and open you were during our session.

The space you created helped me to be at ease and reach important realisations during the session. I was surprised how many things I haven't realised up to that point. I feel much more confident moving forward and make a difference in my life. Thank you!"


"Pamella has been instrumental in helping me with my search in a number of ways. I'd spent a lot of time on my CV before sending it through for review and was thinking it would only need a couple of tweaks.

Pamella really helped me to understand where the gaps were and help me detail my experiences in a more powerful way, which made a huge difference in the final result.

Pamella also coached me on upcoming pay conversations with HR - whilst my previous company was not able to support this, the coaching gave me a real sense of my value to the organisation, allowing me to discuss my experience and capabilities with an added degree of confidence.

I took this self-belief to my next external interviews, landing me the job I really wanted!

I truly believe I would not have done this without her and would highly recommend her support to anyone looking to jump-start their career."


I was setting up my coaching practice when I decided to work with Pamella. Feeling a bit stuck within myself is what comes to mind about that time. Knowing what step to take theoretically was one thing. But action was another. There was a lot of overwhelm. When I had my consultation call with Pamella, I just knew right away I wanted to work with her.

Her professionalism, knowledge, wisdom and kindness convinced me. In working with her I found a way to change my mindset on how I view myself in my business. And we did quite the work together on that part. Giving myself permissions to do or to not-do which was on a deep level.

What I loved is that through her coaching and questioning I connected with my own inner wisdom. I had answers within me.

Pamella is someone who holds space for you, who you can laugh with and who will also give you a gentle yet needed reality check. Her coaching program was perfect for me. And I would highly recommend her as a coach. 


"Pamella’s session was so eye opening and empowering.

She has a lovely, calm manner and is so easy to open to.  She has a very natural way of getting you to think about your outcome and how to get there and then guiding you towards an 'a-ha' moment!

I didn’t really know what to expect with my first coaching session, but it exceeded my expectations. I felt relaxed, heard and so well supported. I left the session feeling clear, positive and confident on my next steps with regard to my new career. I’d highly recommend Pamella as a coach, I absolutely loved our session - thank you!"


"Pamella is a great coach. She makes me look forward to the next session because in every session lies a new discovery.

Her calm approach and wide-ranging knowledge made me feel at ease and safe to share my story with her, without any fear of judgement.

If you're looking for a coach who hold space for you in an environment that allows you to uncover your deepest limiting belief Pamella is your best pick!"


"Having started a new career in a complete new field I felt insecure, although I had excellent feedback from my clients.

Pamella helped me own my story and clearly see my great qualities which enable me to help my clients efficiently and effectively.

I am very happy I have had these sessions and would definitely recommend Pamella."


Why did you initially engage with coaching?

I was in a weird place where I was doing a secondment in a new team and was struggling with it - maybe the team wasn’t the right fit, maybe I struggled with starting a new job in lockdown/pandemic, maybe the role just wasn’t right for me. But I found myself dreading it day to day and heard about Pamella’s work through a friend.
What did you enjoy the most and least about the coaching experience?
"I felt like I got a lot out of our Sunday sessions and it really helped to ground me and question why I was feeling a certain why. I was also reassured that the feelings were totally “normal” and Pamella equipped me with tools to deal with feelings or limiting beliefs in my case, that tended to pop up. I definitely saw a change in the way I felt/reacted to certain things, for the better."
What changed for you as a result of the career and life coaching we did together?
"My general attitude, I came at things from a new perspective. And generally the anxiety and the Sunday scaries stopped. I also explored my dance passion as a potential avenue for a career and we discussed practical things I could do to unlock answers about my career going forward."




Pamella is a highly empathic and powerful coach.
I walked away from my series of sessions with a far better understanding of the healing work I need to do and a sense of freedom to feel at peace with the phase of life I am in.
I would highly recommend reaching out to Pamella for support with your journey.


My coaching experience with Pamella has been so liberating and has provided me with the space and the confidence to explore aspects of my life and business that I was afraid to address. It has helped me to understand myself on a deeper level I know how I operate in business.
Each week I gained so many insights which allowed me to make the right shifts in my business so that I could continue to grow.
I had some great realisation that help to increase my self-love and priorities my health. Pamella has a special way of reflecting on your situation which allows you to see a wider spectrum and offers a greater perspective on life.
Whilst working together I managed to make some important decisions which resulted in me opening my first inner retreat which I am so excited about. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to work with Pamella I felt the timing was right and Pamella made the whole experience an insightful and enjoyable journey. 
I would highly recommend if you are feeling stuck in your business or need clarity on your mission and life goals.

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