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Sign your next high ticket 1:1 client in 6 weeks


No hustle. No over complication. No overwhelm. No fluke. No using a platform you hate. No constantly questioning if you're doing it right or hoping, praying, wishing it will work. No more saying yes to any client at any price, unless they are a dream client. 

This is the no BS sales program where the entire focus is creating your next paid client and ONLY what you need to actually get there where you will be compelled to step up and step out as the Soul-led Life Coach who leads with soul.  

Round #3 begins May 7th. 


I know that you're already:


ALL IN on creating your next high-ticket 1:1 dream coaching client. 

Creating killer content that has people saying "this" and "I feel so seen".

You absolutely LOVE to coach and you know this is who you are now, it's not a question of if, it's a matter of when.

You’re a high integrity Life Coach who cares deeply about creating transformational experiences and charging fairly for your work. 

You want to make great money doing what you love, you know it's not too much to ask, and you're ready to let go of the hustle and grind behaviours from your 9to5.

You're SO ready to sign your next high ticket 1:1 dream client.

Let me know if this is familiar...


You're already putting daily effort into your coaching business but it's not necessarily working, if only you had clear focus and direction to what actually creates clients that you know works every time with accountability and support to get you there.

You have an offer, but you sometimes worry you're not that clear on who it's for or how to communicate the magic of what you do, even though you've refined your message a million times and when you actually work with clients they get beautiful transformations. 

If you're honest, sales feels a little sleazy still even if you're doing it occasionally, but not DAILY. You don't want to overwhelm people or have them think you only care about the money because you really care about helping people. And you're also ready and willing to change your mindset around this because you genuinely get excited when you think about what your business could become. 

You've created the odd clients but overall it doesn't feel consistent and reliable to you, in fact it kind of feels like fluke or a LOT of effort that you can't maintain. You know there are people who need the help, but you can't seem to get past that friend zone.

When a potential client does reach out to you, you're not 100% confident you can definitely close the sale and you worry if they'll be a right fit, even though you really want to help people, admittedly it needs to be the right people. You want to create a positive buying experience for your clients so it sets them up for success because you know this is just as important as the coaching itself. 


 As a result...

Overall things in coaching are good, but they could be so much better.

You know it could become a lot easier and simpler, but you're yet to fully see it for yourself and you're so ready to.

Subconsciously you still have this little seed of doubt that get's in the way of you showing up as a big as you know you could be.


These are all signs you are ready for the next up level.

To take what you already know and bring it together into a cohesive client creation plan that sees you showing up as the confident, capable coach who is attracting ready clients who are in the dm's saying 'I want to work with you, how do we get started?' and signing them.


This is what we do inside Your Next Paid Client.



Enjoying the selling process, because you whole-heartedly embody the service of selling and providing a once in a lifetime transformation for your best clients.

Having dreamy humans in your DM's saying 'how can I work with you?' and 'do you still have room for 1:1 clients?' and having the feeling of being in delicious demand. 

Knowing and experiencing how you are the creator of your success, that you can create clients because you know exactly what to do and who to be, and it feels fulfilling and purpose-led.

Jumping on sales calls and being excited to support potential clients into making an empowered decision to invest in themselves with you, feeling confident and clear on how to do that in an ethical, client-centred way. 

Knowing that your biggest dreams, wildest vision and beautiful mission in the world is always, and only ever created one client at a time and that makes it feel simple, ease-full, doable.


Coach, this is what's possible for you when you join Your Next Paid Client. 

Meet your coach, Pamella...


Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

I'm here for the soul-led life coach who is ALL-IN on making their coaching business dream a reality. It's so much more than just being someone who makes money online, you are someone who loves the transformation of coaching, because this also me.  

I actually originally started my coaching business with the desire to just make money online. Then I got curious about the things my clients were seeking support with, and that's how I found my way into coaching. I've never looked back.

The world needs more coaches and if you have the dream to create it, it's my mission to help you achieve it. Building your coaching requires one thing; clients. 

Your first client is as important as the 100th, and it will be your catalyst to great things, just as it was for me. 

There's getting busy being busy, thinking about business 24/7 or there is building a thriving life coaching business working with beautiful souls who want your help and are delighted to pay you for it because you are delighted to receive payment for it. 


Let's get to it shall we?


This is how it works: 


My brain + your brain creating your first paid client


6 weeks of Live Coaching to support YOU as the CEO, decision maker and action taker in your business as you go about creating your next paid client. Going from 'I'm trying to create clients' to 'I'm doing this! LFG'.

Calls will run on Wednesdays 7.30pm AEST / 5.30am ET / 10.30am GMT 


Valued at £997

Instant Access to the entire course.


10 potent, no fluff modules to create your next paid client. The sooner you join the sooner your client creation journey begins.

This is where you learn the strategy AND energetics and we clear up any uncertainty through coaching so you can leave feeling in the know, and confident AF to implement. 

 Valued at £997

Daily (biz hours) voxer coaching


No waiting till the next session to get support. You will have week day access to share your real time questions, or thought process and get real time support for yourself but you won't be alone. You'll see the real time questions your peers are asking and get answers to questions you didn't even know you needed. Witness others get coached and receive the magic of that coaching too. 

 Valued at £650

Community and accountability


We're going to make this fun. As solo business owners, starting a coaching business can be lonely. Inside YNPC you will meet other incredible women just like you on this journey. So you will experience the power of witnessing, celebrating and being seen and celebrated too. 



Total Value of Your Next Paid Client: £2644


Your investment today:



Your Next Paid Client the course:

Module 1: Activating the Energy of Success

Success doesn't arrive when you hit a certain milestone or threshold, it starts now, today. Together, I'll help you tap into the energy of success. Despite current results or progress, discover and activate the power that is already within. You'll learn how belief is the pre-requisite of all action-taking, and understand exactly how you've created the current results you have in your business and how to move forward.


Module 2: Implement a simple and effective Marketing and Sales strategy

Establish the structural framework of your business, ensuring simplicity and clarity. Whether it's starting from scratch or tidying up everything you already have, you will complete this session feeling in control and simplified, knowing exactly how you will create clients which makes your goals immediately more attainable and your day to day priorities more simple and manageable.


Module 3: Irresistible Offers and Irresistible Pricing

You will finally make clear, confident and aligned decisions around your offers and pricing that are in true alignment with your value and resonate with your ideal clients without the need for avatars or niche.


Module 4: Goal Setting and CEO Embodiment

Step into your CEO Embodiment as we explore the distinction between empowerment and disempowerment so you never need to fear not being high vibe again. You'll be goal setting in an entirely new way, and tap into your CEO Embodiment no matter what life or business throws at you, knowing you already have the structures in place to seriously plan for creating a business that can truly sustain you.


Module 5: Aligned Connections

We'll explore what marketing really looks like as a life coach, how to show up powerfully as a leader and attract connections with individuals who are already aligned with your current level of expansion whilst creating meaningful relationships (and clients) in the process.


Module 6: Communication that compels

Learn how to drop the coachy language and communicate powerfully and directly to the person who needs to hear it the most. This is practical, hands-on and will forever change the way you approach writing content no matter the platform.


Module 7: Aligned Leadership and Owning Your Power

This is more than just powerful copy and talking the talk, this is being the leader of your life and business and walking the walk. Learn how to take up space without launching your nervous system into overdrive, and authentically owning your magic, even when life is handing you lemons.


Module 8: Soulful Selling

Navigate the sales process with authenticity and professionalism. Learn to manage sales conversations, whether that's in the dm's, at the coffee shop or on a consult. Show up with integrity, confidence and from service so that your clients feel safe, and certain about buying from you.


Module 9: Elevating the Client Experience

Support your clients throughout their coaching journey, embodying professionalism through effective structure, automation, and systems that keeps them well looked after, and coming back for more. Balance the messy action and sales focus with keeping your client experience front and centre so you can set your clients up for success and a coaching practice you are proud of.


Module 10: Holding the Vision

In our final session, embrace the essence of being a CEO in your life and business. Learn how to hold the vision, I'll share my personal practices for staying the course and keeping your vision and mission front and centre no matter the challenges may arise.

VIP Pricing


Top features

  • Instant Access to¬†10 modules¬†to take¬†you through the entire client creation journey from¬†energetics, offer & price clarity right through to¬†signing your client and creating a smooth onboarding experience.¬†
  • 6 LIVE Coaching Calls¬†for¬†coaching and mentorship for anything that comes up¬†whilst you're creating next paid client.
  • 6 weeks of group Voxer¬†access to get¬†uncapped, daily support in between sessions as you go out and implement the trainings.
  • Access to a community of like-minded soul-led coaches¬†who are on the same journey as you to creating their next paid client.
  • Lifetime access to the course¬†and coaching replays so you can come back¬†again and again.

Here's what previous clients of the YNPC (previously YFPC) have to say...

Frequently Asked Questions

Your investment today


I want this

Hey Coach, 

If you made it this far and you're reading this for the first time or doing some thorough due diligence after considering this for the 10th time, I wanted to write a personal note from my heart to yours. 

I want you to know everything in this course are the things I needed to hear in the way I needed to hear it to finally create clients and money regularly. What's inside is what created my first ever paid client and also helped me create consistent £3-15k months since Nov 2022 (bar ONE month). My wish is that it does the same for you.

That even if you've been in programs before, and learnt a LOT about business, in this space, I am creating the learning, implementation and support to help you wrap your head around selling high-ticket 1:1 coaching, with a clear goal in mind to create your next paid client. 

But here's an important assumption that underlies this goal. It's to do so because you WANT it, because doing so would genuinely feel joyful, expansive and nourishing to you. Because this is the way of the Soul-Led CEO. 

You are not here to force yourself into business building, because that's what you 'should' do or need to do to get out or stay out of your day job. But because creating soul clients in and of itself would be so meaningful for you and this way you get to give yourself FULL permission to unapologetically GO FOR it, with the support, accountability and timeless business practices to get you there. Which means selling, marketing, finally choosing your offer and price and committing to the habits, behaviours and mindset you WANT to be living and breathing everyday.

6 weeks is short enough to go by in a flash and long enough to activate something in you, to create a lasting shift that once you know what it feels like to really be ALL-IN and relish it, you can't unknow it. 

Your Next Paid Client is the no-fluff bootcamp where we go balls to the wall ALL-IN with other soul-led coaches working towards the same goal as you. A current coach inside the group said to me just today (at the time of writing) "I'm really looking forward to seeing other coaches do this too because it really helps to know I'm not alone" and that's everything.

It's my honour to create this space for you, and I cannot wait to support you and help you bring to life the vision that right now, maybe only you can see. We're going to have a lot of fun, take a LOT of messy action, and harness a lot of elevated levels of thinking and being to step into the coaching business owner you are becoming.

If this is speaking to your soul, and this is the exact activation you need to clear the cobwebs of the last retrograde and hit May skipping (remember you get instant access to the modules when you pay) then I invite you to join us. 


I can't wait to see you inside. 




Your Next Paid Client


Here's a reminder of what you get:

  • Instant Access to¬†10 modules¬†to take¬†you through the entire client creation journey from¬†energetics, offer & price clarity right through to¬†running a pressure free sales call, signing your client and creating a smooth onboarding experience.¬†
  • 6 LIVE Coaching Calls¬†for¬†coaching and mentorship for anything that comes up¬†whilst you're creating next paid client.
  • 6 weeks of group Voxer¬†access to get¬†uncapped, daily support in between sessions as you go out and implement the trainings.
  • Access to a community of like-minded soul-led coaches¬†who are on the same journey as you to creating their next paid client.
  • Lifetime access to the course¬†and coaching replays so you can come back¬†again and again.


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