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Your Next Paid Client is waiting for you. 


No hustle. No over complication. NO DM's. NO FLUKE. No website necessary (unless you already have one). No using a platform you hate. No constantly questioning if you're doing it right or hoping, praying, wishing it will work or be easier. No more saying yes to every client at any price, unless they are a dream client. 

It's time to put your certification, practice client experience, and coaching vision into ACTION with the support of a coach who has been there and been through it all.

It's time you have a simple framework, entirely tailored to you, so you can finally eliminate the doubt about if you're doing it right, overwhelm with what to do and uncertainty if it's even going to work and replace it with the clarity and confidence you need to create your next paid client.


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This is for you IF:


It's time to let go of the ‘practice or free client’ territory and you are ready to create money for your services.


 Even if you don’t feel ready, you know it’s time to step forward and claim your title as a Life Coach.


 You've started putting yourself out there, but you're still not confidence about your offer or what to charge.


 You know you’re capable of big things, and your already successful in how far you have come in your current career, and you’re ready to translate that into coaching.


 Perfectionism, self doubt and fear sometimes hold you back, but when it comes to it, you can make time to take some action, if only you had some focus and direction to what actually creates clients.


 You’re not interested in being graspy, salesy, and hustly when making money, instead you want your offer to be in integrity from a grounded, light and authentic place.


You’re don’t need another version of your 9to5, you want to create money in your coaching business from a place of simplicity, confidence and without the hustle.

Meet your coach, 

Hi, I'm Pamella!

I went from full time Corporate City Gal living in London to Digital Nomad, Full Time Life & Business Coach who now lives in Tropical Australia and serves clients globally. 

My mission is to help Coaches make the transition from their corporate career into building their soul-led coaching business. 

The world needs more coaches and if you have the dream to create it, it's my mission to help you achieve it. Building your coaching requires one thing; clients. 

Your first client is as important as the 100th, and it will be your catalyst to great things, just as it was for me. 

There's getting busy being busy, or there is building a thriving life coaching business working with paid clients.  

 time together you will learn how to : 

Session 1: Activating the Energy of Success

Success doesn't arrive when you hit a certain milestone or threshold, it starts now, today. Together, I'll help you tap into the energy of success. Despite current results or progress, discover and activate the power that is already within. You'll learn how belief is the pre-requisite of all action-taking, and understand exactly how you've created the current results you have in your business and how to move forward.


Session 2: Crafting a Simple and Powerful Business Model

Establish the structural framework of your business, ensuring simplicity and clarity. Whether it's starting from scratch or tidying up everything you already have, you will complete this session feeling in control and simplified, knowing exactly how you will create clients which makes your goals immediately more attainable and your day to day priorities more simple and manageable.


Session 3: Irresistible Offers and Irresistible Pricing

You will finally make clear, confident and aligned decisions around your offers and pricing that are in true alignment with your value and resonate with your ideal clients without the need for avatars or niche.


Session 4: Goal Setting and CEO Embodiment

Step into your CEO Embodiment as we explore the distinction between empowerment and disempowerment so you never need to fear not being high vibe again. You'll be goal setting in an entirely new way, and tap into your CEO Embodiment no matter what life or business throws at you, knowing you already have the structures in place to seriously plan for creating a business that can truly sustain you.


Session 5: Aligned Connections

We'll explore what marketing really looks like as a life coach, how to show up powerfully as a leader and attract connections with individuals who are already aligned with your current level of expansion whilst creating meaningful relationships (and clients) in the process.


Session 6: Communication that compels

Learn how to drop the coachy language and communicate powerfully and directly to the person who needs to hear it the most. This is practical, hands-on and will forever change the way you approach writing content no matter the platform.


Session 7: Aligned Leadership and Owning Your Power

This is more than just powerful copy and talking the talk, this is being the leader of your life and business and walking the walk. Learn how to take up space without launching your nervous system into overdrive, and authentically owning your magic, even when life is handing you lemons.


Session 8: Soulful Selling

Navigate the sales process with authenticity and professionalism. Learn to manage sales conversations, whether that's in the dm's, at the coffee shop or on a consult. Show up with integrity, confidence and from service so that your clients feel safe, and certain about buying from you.


Session 9: Elevating the Client Experience

Support your clients throughout their coaching journey, embodying professionalism through effective structure, automation, and systems that keeps them well looked after, and coming back for more. Balance the messy action and sales focus with keeping your client experience front and center so you can set your clients up for success and a coaching practice you are proud of.


Session 10: Holding the Vision

In our final session, embrace the essence of being a CEO in your life and business. Learn how to hold the vision, I'll share my personal practices for staying the course and keeping your vision and mission front and center no matter the challenges may arise.


This is how it works: 


My brain + your brain creating your first paid client


YOU are centre stage of this container. Not me. I am YOUR support, your coach, your knowledge bank but YOU are the CEO, the decision maker and action taker. This is where we go from how do I do this, to 'I'M DOING THIS - LFG'.


Group training sessions 


The actual WTF to do and HOW to do it. 1 new tranmission every week. This is where you learn the strategy AND energetics and we clear up any uncertainty through coaching so you can leave feeling in the know, and confident AF to implement. 


Daily (biz hours) voxer coaching


No waiting till the next session to get help. You will have week day access to share your real time questions, or thought process and get real time support for yourself but you won't be alone. You'll see the real time questions your peers are asking and get answers to questions you didn't even know you needed. Witness others get coached and receive the magic of that coaching too. 


FB group for accountability, celebrations, and prizes


We're going to make this fun. As solo business owners, starting a coaching business can be lonely. Inside YFPC you will meet other incredible women just like you on this journey. So you will experience the power of witnessing, celebrating and being seen and celebrated too. 


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