How to start and grow your coaching business around the 9to5

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When you're building your coaching business around the 9to5 you need to be super clear about what your focus is.
It's easy to get busy being busy.
So let me share this simple truth that could change everything:
Busy-ness simply isn't business. 
Business means, making money.
Making money requires focused effort on what you're here to do; which is to help people.
The more people you help the more clients you create.
So how do you help people before they pay you?
You need to:
  • show up
  • show them you can help them
  • invite them to work with you

Show up

I'm just gonna say it. You probably need to show up more than you think. That post you shared over the weekend? It's already lost in the scroll.
Your soul client loves to hear from you!
So show up, then show up again.
If you struggle to show up and say you're a life coach, check out this article 'Do you avoid calling yourself a life coach'

Repeat yourself

Repetition is how beliefs are built right?
For people to believe you can help them, repeat your message over and over again, in every which way. Here's the best part - the more you do it the easier it gets.
For example I always say: 'I help coaches build their coaching business around the 9to5' . I bet you've heard me say that before right? It's easy. Memorable.
I repeat it all the time. I don't mind. I love repeating it. I love what I do.
So do my soul clients because that way, they will always know I'm here for them when they're ready.

Have one priority offer

I'm not going anywhere, neither is this offer. Because I make it my only offer, I become dependable for the people who are almost ready to work with me.
Imagine, if after all this marketing, I stopped selling? Then where would you go?
Imagine, I had different offers all the time. You might get confused on what I do and who I help and if that's you.
No way. My one offer is my priority.
Get clear on what your offer is here to do, who it helps and how you help them.
Focus on it, love it, find new and interesting ways to talk about it and every time you coach my clients in it, see how your trust, experience and purpose grows.
The more that happens the more powerful and transformative the offer becomes. The more transformative it becomes, the more people who want it and the more people you get to help. Read more here.
How? Because when you deeply believe in something you show up for it. Alas, we come full circle. As you know now, showing up is the first big step. (ps. I feel like Dumbledore when I say 'Alas' and I'm here for it!). 
I wish I could see this evolution at the beginning but the truth is no one told me this. So I'm telling you now. That offer you're sometimes maybe talking about is the beginning of something truly great if you nurture it and let it evolve with you.
Now, I can't help but scream it from the rooftops. I am the coach who helps coaches build their coaching business around the 9to5. Wow, now say it with your offer. Can you feel the power of that?

Show them you can help them

Here's how:
  1. By being you! You are the transformation they desire. be you, ALL of you. Don't hold back, otherwise you may as well stay in the 9to5 box of professionalism you're trying to leave.
  1. Talk about ther problems in the way they experience them. Your soul client wants to know you GET it. So show them that you do. Read this blog 'Struggling to sell life coaching?' to find out how.  
  1. Give them actual help. Like I am right now. I'm literally telling you what to do. It's a no brainer for me because when you win, we all win. The world needs more coaches! AND those who want to go deeper will already get it, because they are already implementing my stuff! 
  1. Share it the way you see it. I'm definitely not the first business mindset coach. But I am the first and only ME. If the way I see it resonates, that means the way you see it resonates with your clients too. They are waiting for you! So share it how you see it, so they can see it too. If you find yourself worrying about being professional in your content writing then check out the blog 'Professionalism - to what cost?' too. 

Invite them to work with you

If you leave them hanging, it would be like being on a great first date and then NOT being asked for a second. Awks. We don't do 'f**k-boy' moves in my world.
So once you've shown up and helped your clients, it's a literal no-brainer to say the words: 'want help with this? I can help you. Schedule your consult here' or whatever your next step is. That could be your freebie, your consult or even just your link to pay.
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Want help with this? I can help you build your soul-led coaching business around the 9to5.
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Your coach,
ps. inside the program you will receive:
6 months 1:1 coaching.
Weekly one hour sessions + in-between session support
That's week-to-week accountability, learning, and growth through coaching and mentorship.
Access to THRIVE online
There are 4 key modules:
  1. Your business; A soul-centred business course to teach you how to show up powerfully and sell one soul-aligned, priority offer that you LOVE to people who can't wait to work with you.
  2. Your 9to5; An honest look at your 9to5, how to make it work for you instead of against you and everything you need to know if you're thinking about leaving the 9to5 one day to go fully into your coaching business.
  3. Your life; Your life, because nothing happens in isolation, why you want this, and the vision you are creating is everything to keep you moving forward.
  4. You; You, because nothing happens without YOUR needs being taken care of first. It all starts and ends with you.
CEO Power Session
  • A 2-hour kick-off intensive to look at where you are in your business right now and refine exactly what you will be prioritising in the first 30 days, 3 months and beyond.

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