Do you avoid calling yourself a life coach?

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Are you eager to make money as a life coach but when you meet someone at a networking event, party or coffee shop you stutter, heart pounding when they ask what you do?

Read on Coach, I can help you.   

There was once upon a time in the early days when calling myself a coach felt audacious AF.
Now, I love a bit of audacity. It's just so juicy to me....
But in truth it was teetering more on fear than fun.
I barely dared to say it. To claim it. So, more often than not, I didn't.
When strangers asked what I do I would say 'Client Relationship Manager' then I'd quietly add 'and I do a bit of coaching...' but by then the convo had moved on.
Maybe you can relate?

The first time I got called a life coach

So the first time I got called a coach it actually gave me a pang of nerves.
Oh they're referring to me!
Something shifted.
I started to believe.
And we know what happens when we truly believe in something....
We start to create.
We start to move. To show up. To become.
So if you have been struggling to show up as much as you want to maybe there's something in that? Maybe you're not fully in the belief that is who you are....
Because when you do, it starts to manifest in what happens around us and to us.
First, it was intangible, simply a shift, a knowing.
Then it becomes evidential.
A few months later I'm quitting my corporate career, moving to Australia, I'm a full time coach, Fanny's your Aunt, and Bob's your uncle! (for the non-Brits here it basically means it's a done deal).

Do you want to become a life coach?

So of course, I want you to experience that too.
That belief.
Then the knowing. 
If you already know then you get it completely.
If this is the first time you're processing that truth then welcome to the club my friend.
See, being a coach is not based on a destination, like quitting your job or a  financial revenue goal.
It's based on believing it's just who you are and then showing up from that place.
Pretty powerful huh....
So, Coach, now that's cleared up I know you're wondering 'what's next?'...
Well, are you ready to get serious about building your soul-led coaching business around the 9to5?
Good, I'm serious about helping you.Download the free resource bundle for coaches who are starting and growing their coaching business around the 9to5. 
Your coach,

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