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Here is my philosophy on choosing one priority offer. When you're client has only one option to purchase from you, they cannot be confused about what to buy. If they are confused they won't buy, which is why I help my clients create one priority offer. Said simply 'a confused mind doesn't buy'.
I learned this in my corporate career. Because when my clients didn't know what choice was best, they didn't proceed. It was my job to make it clear, and my clarity came best when I made the decision ahead of time about what I was prioritising. It helped direct them to a decision and ultimately created a lot of happy customers and a very rewarding career for me. The same happens when selling coaching.

Put yourself in your client's shoes

Think about being a client or customer. We want the best deal when we purchase, we want to know what we're getting. When there is more than one option, I suddenly have to make a choice. What if it's wrong? What if the other one is cheaper, safer, more likely to guarantee my results? Maybe more expensive equals better? What if it doesn't work, then I'll regret buying this one.
Put it this way. When it comes to shopping for groceries - options are nice. When it comes to doing deep inner work to uplevel my life, I like to fully VIBE with my coach and feel ALL-IN on what they're offering. When they have a million offers, or even TWO, I'm already confused. What's best for me? I don't know I JUST WANT RESULTS.
What happens next on a consult is that I probably decide to speak to my Fiance (who will only ever back a sound investment - so if I'm not convicted neither is he and ultimately I don't buy and I end up without a coach - this has happened in the past), OR I buy, doubt, worry, get buyers remorse, and join the container feeling like shit about what I spent, especially when online they are banging on about their next best offer and I'm getting FOMO and feeling like I STILL don't know enough. This is TOXIC.
The OTHER way this pans out is that I've BEEN on a consult, ready to buy coaching, and the coach is confused by her own offer-suite and isn't convicted on what's best based on the questions SHE asked that I answered hopefully and willingly. I will never buy in that scenario. I just walk away.


Your responsibility as a life coach is to help your client 

This includes helping them buy life coaching. Not confusing them with too many options.
It's YOUR responsibility as the coach to know your offer INSIDE OUT. To know EXACTLY what they are getting, and what they get FROM it, and how it will help them. Your price also needs to be such a no-brainer in your mind that you do not flinch when they say, it's a lot of money, are worried it won't work, or they want to think it through.
If you think these very normal thoughts are a problem then it's a sign you are either a) not 100% certain about your offer or price or b) you are still developing the skill of holding space for your client to make their investment in you.
This is why ONE offer helps eliminate 90% of the confusion. For you, for them. Because when you only have one offer you are selling at a time, you only have one thing to learn inside out and LOVE to show up for.
When they book a consult they know exactly what is on offer, because when people go as far as booking time out of their day to meet with you, it's because they are serious about buying, even if they're nervous. That's a sacred thing that as coaches we must respect and we do so by being clear on our offers so we know exactly how they help and who best they serve. So, especially in the beginning, it helps when there is only one.
Don't even get me started on marketing two different offers.

Make selling life coaching simple

One priority offer helps keep it simple for you, keeps you committed to developing the skill to learn how to create and sell an offer you love, and ultimately will make you more money in the long term. Because the better you get, the better you get.
If this philosophy makes sense to you, and you want to explore it for your own coaching business then schedule a consult HERE coach and let's get to it.
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