When you're serious about going or staying full time in coaching, you're NOT doing THIS

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When you're serious about going (or staying full-time) in your business, here's what I see happening that's stopping it from going as smoothly or as fast as you would like;

1.Having doubts about your offer and price and not doing anything about it...

Could be happening because you were forced to play the martyr in your career; taking it all on yourself, not delegating or having the resources or authority to do so. Career success came by doing it all yourself but DIY in business is lonely and keeps you trickling in clients instead of having them flooding your DMs to work with you.

2.Entering sales calls doubtful it will work because the last client had to think about it and ghosted you...

It reminds you of the last promotion you didn't get, and going through rejection again isn't why you signed up for this. You're ready for hell yes clients but you're not sure how to attract hell yes clients (yet).



3.Letting your 9to5 be an excuse not to show up the same way you do when you've had a week off....

Sometimes, the social media thing just becomes a tick box exercise, and it doesn't always work even when you are confident, which is why you still don't have the number of clients you're so ready for.



4. Dismissing the few likes or sign ups you do get because you know every like or sign up represents a real human...

Because deep down you secretly want a lot of validation and reassurance that you're doing it right and that it's okay to been seen as successful, even though what you actually care about is helping people.


5. Daydreaming about clients falling into your lap and thinking about handing in your notice without an exit plan


Vague goals and waiting for a sign is great when you're meditating but not sufficient when it comes to knowing how you'll pay the bills or not ending up with a pressure-filled business where you're banking on a client to get by.


Instead, you have an exit plan that supports your personal level of risk tolerance (something you identify inside my 1:1, THRIVE), the 9to5 becomes more than manageable and you're putting your plan to action by building your business.


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