The success of your coaching business comes down to two simple things

There is so much noise in the online coaching industry it's hard to know what to focus on and if you're doing the right things. It can be easy to get busy being busy. However, it astounds me the amount of coaches who want clients, who want to leave their 9to5, but haven't decided on their priority offer or worst, they've decided but don't love it.
If this sounds like you, as always, I say it how it is. The longer we avoid the truth, the longer we avoid success. So let's step up and lean in. 
The success of your coaching business comes down to two simple things. 
1. The decisions you make and commit to. 

2. The way you show up and execute on those decisions.
The journal, the CEO Power Session Kick Off call and the resources inside the THRIVE portal are all designed to help you get crystal clear on the DECISIONS you need to be making up front in your business.

Offer, pricing, clients, operations etc
When we make those decisions we do so from a place of alignment. Meaning it's not from what you think you are worth, or what you think your clients can afford, or what you should be doing according to that 7fig coach who has the perfect formula, but from a place that feels congruent in mind, body and soul. 
A decision made from any other place feels misaligned, feels fake, and what's worse your clients can tell. They may not be able to say exactly why, but they simply won't work with you, or if they do, it will be HARD.

This is everything. You need to set your business up in a way that creates the money, clients and offers that excite and delight you. It's the foundation of all of your success.
So then, we have the rest of our container together to help you actually show up and love those decisions, and to work them until they work.

The most obvious sign to know if you have made the right decisions for you are the ones that feel easy and obvious to execute on. But does that always mean there isn't fear? Or that you worry about doing right? Or that you know if it's worked? Of course not. That's where the coaching comes in. 
It doesn't matter how much we know or how much we desire, if you're not taking action then you need support. If the action you ARE taking even from alignment feels hard, or throws you into doubt or going hard then crashing and burning right after, then you need support. Plus WHILST navigating your life and 9to5. Your business doesn't operate in a bubble - even if it feels like it sometimes.
Inside THRIVE, I support you as work through this with the energy and resources you have TODAY. Not what some future self-version with perfect circumstances has, because that's not where you are right now and that illusion is costly. 
When you keep your business simple, and stick to this simple philosophy everything changes. 

Inside THRIVE I show you exactly how. 
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Inside the 1:1 container you receive:

  • CEO Power Session Kick  off call - get crystal clear on your offer, price and marketing strategy and goals for the next 12months.
  • 6 months 1:1 coaching - weekly 60 min sessions and in between support to execute on your plan and coach on anything life, 9to5 and biz throws at you
  • access to THRIVE online - for the tools, resources and philosophies to develop your CEO mindset, energetics and strategy as you build your coaching business around the 9to5
Ready to build your coaching business around the 9to5 with the 1:1 support you deserve?
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I can't wait to meet you. 
Coach, Pamella

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