How to take a break as a life coach with a 9to5 in 3 steps

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Sometimes, it's not until we stop do we realize how much we needed a break and to really put our feet up. 
This Easter weekend was exactly that for me.
I had some friends from London stay with us for a few days to round up their 6 month sabbatical in Australia.
When they were gone, naturally, I turned my attention back to biz and found myself wanting to pause a while longer.
So I've done just that...
I've given myself permission to rest, and ease back into it.
Why not.
I am the CEO after all...
So if you're feeling anything like me and incidentally, half of my clients this week (literally!), who are feeling the desire to slow down too then this is my unconventional business advice....

How to take an Easter break as a life coach

You're in this business out of joy, desire and ambition. Not to hustle yourself to the ground. It can be tempting when you have more time away from the 9to5 to want to put it all into your business. But what if looking after you is the first order of business?
Taking a break looks different for everyone....
Maybe you just need to have a break from being on camera.
Maybe you really need to physically step away from EVERYTHING.
Maybe you need a break from the routine but you're happy to work in a different way.
Check in with yourself, and get clear on what you need a break from, then give yourself goddam permission to take it.
Remember, as a life coach, you need to be an example. Do you coach your clients on burnout, stress, anxiety and yet, you're not gifting yourself the grace of rest too? 

Taking a break doesn't mean neglecting your business

Despite my break, I still technically showed up in my business. I posted 3 times on Saturday because I felt compelled to. I had the time, I had the inspiration and luckily (actually, no luck involved - this is my intentional 'marketing strategy') I'm not restricted in ANY WAY to how I  choose to show up in my business, so I went ahead and posted.
I also responded to a few client celebrations (new consult bookings, a new 'aha' about a niche, and my client celebrating her first client starting!) then updated a broken link because that's worth 3 minutes of my time (especially when someone new downloaded the free resource bundle within an hour as a result!).
At no point did I feel like I was 'working' because in all - this took approximately 30 minutes of time and in fact gave me more energy.
What does this mean for you as a business owner? You won't neglect your business when you're on holiday either. Why - because although your business is a separate entity to you, at the beginning, like a newborn, you are also joined at the hip and that's OKAY.

How you can take a break in 3 steps 

Firstly identify your Minimum Viable Actions in your coaching business. This is where you get clear on what your business needs on a macro and micro level. So when you decide to take a holiday, or a long Easter weekend which turns into a week, you're business is still cared for.
Secondly, get clear on what you desire a break from. I've had holidays in the past where it's MVA's only. Other times, I'm still marketing because I love to. It's your business, you get to choose, it doesn't have to be all or nothing, and there is no right or wrong way.
Thirdly, DO give yourself a break. Even if you're a workhorse and you love the grind; creativity, and desire get's stronger with occasional distance. Check-in with your body, and ask what it needs most right now. Then check in with your business, and make sure you're still on the right path.
A short break can be a powerful chance to get perspective on what direction you want to take your business too.

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