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So, here it is. January 2nd already and I've been fascinated by the consensus in the online space. 

Everyone is talking about New Year.

And from what I can tell you're either:

  1. Sick of it - and declaring that NY Resolutions are BS, telling people it's okay not to have goals (it actually IS okay not to have goals though*) and making a stand. 
  2. Embracing it - you have goals, you're actually viewing this as an opportunity to recalibrate to what you want and you're all for it. Jan couldn't come fast enough! 
  3. Somewhere in between, stuck in analysis paralysis, feeling overwhelmed, mostly rested but not sure what to say or where to start but you also have BIG goals you wanna achieve and it's making you feel kinda behind. 

You're here to make money selling your beautiful transformational services and I'm here to help you. So this is the best and most simple way to move forward as we enter this year....


1. Tune in and connect.

Yes the energy has shifted and the collective consciousness is starting to build momentum as the new year begins BUT you do not have to be at the front, driving the damn ship. Remember, you ARE the universe incarnate so... tune in and connect. Deep breathe, quieten, and ask what do you really need?If it's rest go to Number 2. If it's Action, go to Number 3. 


You can trust yourself. An extra few days, even a week won't hurt your business. It will still be there, loving and waiting on you to return. If you don't rest then you risk starting the year burning out and no one wants to hire a burnt-out life coach. Be onto yourself and look after yourself. 


So the inner voice within is saying 'Go baby go!' or perhaps 'we can move but go slow' then we listen.

Do not be afraid of goal setting. I repeat, do not be afraid of goal setting. 

Did you hit your financial goal last year? Yes - great, your goal this year is to repeat it in less time. This still means you're aiming to make more money but the focus becomes refinement instead of 'omg how the hell do I do that?!'. It's genius. Last year I made my 2022 revenue in just 8 months. Now that's a vibe. 

You didn't hit your financial goal last year? No worries - we keep it and focus in on 3 simple things whilst having as much as fun as possible. Creating a stellar offer, selling it with soul, and who you're being when you do those 2 things. AKA: with grounded expansion, powerful belonging and audacious belief and NOT self doubt, fear, comparison, not-enoughness, frustration and limited confidence.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? Is anything worth it easy...

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