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Perfection reimagined blog post
Last week it was my birthday...
I asked for what I wanted.
I got it.
To perfection.
You see in my world, I have completely redefined my relationship with perfection.
It is no longer an impossible standard I'll never meet.
It's no longer a hidden contract I place upon the people and events I love and look forward to, only to be devastated when they don't uphold their duties.
It's no longer a comparison train, where I allow society and conditioning to dictate my worth.
Perfection for me has been redefined as acceptance of what is.
Perfection is not without flaws.
Perfection is the way I catch my partner look at me from the side of his eye, a slight lift in his cheekbones as he attempts to resist one of my hilarious jokes.
Perfection is the mess we made making chocolate brownies - not because we're that cute that we normally bake together - but Hello Fresh gave us a freebie and we 'carpe diemed' the day (even though my eyes boggled at how much butter went into it and I decided well it is my birthday).
Perfection is my social media feed - a mess of a journey that shows the evolution of my business from a few short years ago and a whole bunch of posts I sometimes toy with archiving but can never quite bring myself to because it's my journey to everything I have today.
Perfection is in every piece of content I write from the heart. The words are often messy, or I forget a CTA, or I second guess and pray it comes across right. But then I remember, no, it's perfect because it is. Can it be improved? Always. Can I be happy with it right now anyway? Of course. So it's perfect then? It is, if I let it.
Perfection is all around.
Just as a rose does not compare herself to a sunflower, I no longer seek perfection the way society likes to use it against us.
Everything in life has its upsides and downsides.
We treasure life, because of death.
We treasure the sun, because of the rain.
We treasure the good because we have the bad to remind us how lovely it is.
What if perfection was actually the acceptance and integration of both in any given moment?
Yin and yang.
To hold it all - the duality of it.
Perfection to me is another word we (collective society) has made ugly.
And I'm here to make perfection beautiful again.
I know this isn't the flawless revolution that perfection deserves.
But I think there is a beautiful irony in that.
But for now I trust there is perfection in these words and let it be. After all - what kind of muse to perfection would I be, if I held these words so tightly I never let the world see them?
I think perfection would be disappointed if she were personified. She would be tired of the heaviness of what isn't and beg us to celebrate all that is.
I think she would dance in glee that she can finally let her hair down, wild and natural, and be so happy just to be seen....
Can you imagine perfection personified? We thought she was little miss perfect but we had it all wrong. What if Perfection is a woman onto her own. Who loves all of her because she knows she is perfection. Creation exactly as nature intended. Flaws and all.
Do you feel the true perfection of her?
Do you feel her nature?
That perhaps, nature is perfect?
What a delicious thought...
So now all is said and done, I invite you to consider this...
How can you re-imagine the perfectionism that shows up in your life?
What if it's already perfect?

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