4 ways to help clients BEFORE they pay you

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Life coaches helping clients before they pay you

Here’s you how you can help your clients BEFORE they ever pay you:

and when you do this, it makes them far more likely to pay you, and if they don’t, that’s okay, you made a difference, and that profoundly matters too.

Here's how:


1.By being you.


You are the transformation they desire. Not WHAT you have done, own, or accomplished, but what that represents.

For example - not everyone wants to quit their corporate career and move half away around the world to the tropics, (before you snigger read this:) because family, you actually don't like the heat that much, there are creatures that could kill you and also, you LOVE your home. and that's perfect, but also, maybe you DO value the freedom to choose, like I do, you value your time, and not working for someone else. 

So be you, ALL of you

Don't hold back, otherwise you may as well stay in the 9to5 box of professionalism you're trying to leave.


2.Talk about their problems in the way they experience them.


Your soul client wants to know you GET it.

So show them that you do.

For example, I know what it's like waking up in the middle of the night, thinking about clients, or being in a performance review with your boss talking about my career growth knowing full well I have every intention of quitting at Christmas (that happened), and that's what make me the best coach for you. You have this for your clients too so OWN it. 


3.Give them actual help.


Like I am right now.

I'm literally telling you what to do, with examples.

It's a no brainer for me because when you win, we all win.

Literally, take this email and write your own version for your clients - use it as a blog, email, post or in conversations. No brainer. Help them, before they pay you!


4.Share it the way you see it.


I'm definitely not the first business mindset coach.

But I am the first and only ME.

If what I see resonates with you, that means the way you see things will resonate with your clients too. So SAY it, because you might be the first person to really explain it in a way they understand and that is important.

They are waiting for you!

So share it how you see it, so they can see it too.


Most importantly, don't skip to the next blog. GO and create that post, email, blog, right this second and go help someone.


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