3 steps to guarantee success when you invest in coaching

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Coaching is the business of helping people change their brain to create better results in their life. 

Sounds kinda obvious, doesn't it?

It's literally what we do. 

So WHY OH WHY do we resist it so much?

We preach it, think about it all day long, we want our clients to buy it, but we're not investing in direct, long-term support for ourselves, all when we have never built a coaching business before.

This was the mindset shift I went through when I had this realisation a few years ago when starting my business, trying to do it by myself.

So what shifted? I took a long hard look at these 3 things in order to guarantee my success:


 1. I believe in life coaching 

Coaching works. Period.

I love the process of being coached, I love the breakthroughs, the healing, the growth, the tangible steps. It's a no-brainer. Don't you agree?

It changed my life and continues to expand me over and over again.

The best part, when I commit to trying something in session, I do my utmost best to deliver and WHEN I fail, which I will, I keep being open to coaching on it for as long as it takes to get the core of the challenge and I try, try again.

This is how resilience, self-trust, self-belief, self-worth and enoughness is cultivated. Scary at first. But the ride of a lifetime. 

It's not one and done in one limiting belief session lol. It's continuous evolutionary work and I'm so here for it because I know that every time I expand, I am also healing too. 

2. I believe in the coach 

For example, when I was first introduced to the idea of having ONE offer (that I stick to until I was competent AF at selling it on demand, before then adding another), I questioned it.

But then I realised, well did I just pay this person 4 figures of my hard-earned money to NOT do what they said? WTF am I here for? Now, I LOVE my reasons and it's the reason I created the success I have now and exactly what I teach too.

Now this DOES NOT mean throwing all discernment out of the window and do something against your values. But if it's a case of what I think I know vs what-this-expert-who-I-just-paid-a-lot-of-money-to-show-me-her-process-so-I-can-create-the-same-kind-of-results-knows, then yeah, I commit to trying it and work it until it works. This is why I do my due diligence when hiring a coach. 

What are they teaching?
What are they DOING?
Do I love what I see and can I see myself doing that?

If the answer is no, then don't waste your money. 

E.g. if a coach cold dm's me it doesn't matter how great their marketing is or how on the money her sales pitch is, if she's cold dm'ing then that's what she is teaching. 


3. I Believe in myself 

This is the biggest one. The ideas I come up with in a coaching session usually scare TF out of me when I'm on my lonesome the day after. Do I bail? NEVER. 

Does that mean owning up to the fear and getting as much support as I need, even if the deadline has been and gone and I've secretly avoided it for a month? ABSOLUTELY. 

Because I hired that coach to help me get into and stay in my empowerment for as long as possible. Most importantly I made a commitment to myself to take 100% radical responsibility to get what I came for in the container. So when I create ideas in session I know it's coming from the part of me that BELIEVES I can. This is everything.

Exercising this muscle is HARD (trust me - as someone who literally started weightlifting recently it's very easy to want to tap out before you finish a set) but I never give up. Because my commitment to myself above all else is the real magic of business building. 

When you realise who you get to become in the process of your BIG audacious goals is the true journey. 

So what's next?

The goals are arbitrary. You already have everything you need. You're here because you desire MORE. But you only GET more when you are committed to the journey. 

The fear, discomfort, and doubt is NORMAL. But do you let it stop you? Not for as long as you truly want it. 

In my world. the women who come into my THRIVE container to build their coaching business around the 9to5 are committed to their own personal growth as much as they are committed to their coaching business. 

It doesn't mean they never feel the doubt, worry, or fear kick in. It means they know they have the tools, resources and coaching to support them anyway. 

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