Here is a simple mindset shift to get out of feeling like you should be further ahead

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Life coach focusing on the gains instead of gaps

Here is the simple mindset shift to get out of feeling like you should be further ahead in your coaching business...


If you've ever found yourself feeling frustrated, doubt, worry, anger even, then know you're not alone. This is the problem 99% of my clients come to me with. 


Now, there's lots to be said for being sure you're equipping yourself with the skills to actually sell and have an offer you back, but even when you have your business fundamentals in place, the fear can still creep in sometimes and wake you up in the dead of night when you least expect it.


If you can relate, read on, Coach. 


Here is the shift:




Simply shift your focus from how far you have to go, to how far you've come.



Once upon a time, you were just gunning for the next promotion! You didn't even have a coaching business. Now, look how far you've come... 🚀


Experience the shift yourself by quickly answering these questions:


👉 Are you focused on how far there is to go?


👉 How far you've come?


Can you feel that shift in your body? I always say to my clients, the quality of your results are determined by the quality of the questions. Stop asking why you're not there yet and start focusing on how far you've come...


On Instagram, the post ended there. I want to elaborate on this for you as a gift for being on my email list....


This is why this works:


Focusing on the gap can mean you're looking at:

👉 everything you're not, which can feed into inadequacy and not enoughness. 

👉 everything you have to do, which can feel stressful and overwhelming. 

👉 everything you have to become, which can lead to comparisonitis and imposter syndrome.



We don't need ANY more of that that in our lives lol. Our goals, mission and vision is there to drive us, not deplete us. So yes, have them, but don't become so attached to them that you lose sight of the gains.


The gains are where you lean into your expansion, growth and EVIDENCE.


💎 Expansion that you are changing, and things are happening. 

💎 Growth in who you are being, what you are doing and how much you are already holding.  

💎 EVIDENCE, that if you can get this far, then of course you can get 'there'.


So, next time you feel that pang, direct your brain back to how far you've come.


Once upon a time, you didn't even know you would be a life coach.... 


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