The Power of Decisiveness: Transforming Your Life and Business

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According to a research report by McKinsey & Company, top-performing executives are skilled decision-makers. But, if you're anything like me and you're coming from an established career working as an employee then you have probably been conditioned to avoid making decisions and instead, frequently check for permission, sign off or procedure before doing something despite being in autonomous or leadership roles. This tends to be worse if you are Type A, people pleaser or have anxious tendencies.
This is how I broke out of the cycle and started to become a brilliant decision-maker in my life, (previous) career AND business.

1: I Embrace my Desires

In my business, when it comes to how I show up, how I respond to clients, how I decide what direction (what offer, what freebie, what blog or podcast to write about) it comes first from desire.
Decisions fuilled by desire propel us forward and make room for so much more. 
In my life I practice listening to my desires quickly. The more I listen to my desire, the more desire speaks to me. My favourite place to practice this is in a restaurant - choose the thing that makes your mouth water and ffs, trust it. Which leads me onto...

2. I Practice Trust

Trusting in myself, my clients, my business and in my coach are a huge factor to my success. Without trust, every action I take would only be half as impactful. Trust for me is the foundation of an 'all in' mentality and synonymous with decision making. It allows me to sit back and enjoy the ride, even though I'm driving.

When I trust myself, I can execute more powerfully, decide more quickly and ultimately grow faster, because I'm always taking action, learning and refining. 


3: I Embrace the Consequences

A major reason we procrastinate, second guess, or doubt ourselves is that we fear the consequences. But in truth, you get to always have your own back.
In June 2020 the billion-dollar global company I worked for sent a company wide email to 19,000 of us about BLM. I wrote a response directly back to the CEO asking what he was actually planning to do to make a change. I remember shaking as I wrote that email in my bedroom office, hovering over the send button, questioning if it was safer to shut up instead of risk losing my job for challenging the CEO. I realised in that moment I was absolutely willing to accept the consequences of that action. I cc'd in my boss and her boss for good measure.
  1. I regulate my nervous system

There is nothing as confronting as starting and growing a coaching business. In your career, you get paid no matter how little you do in the office. In business, to start, grow and THRIVE in your coaching practice you're going to make moves that meet your edges. This means making moves based on who you want to become, not who you are today and frankly, that can be scary.
Having a simple, sustainable business strategy and offer I love, celebrating the wins, investing in coaching, shadow work, inner child healing, practicing rest, and self care all contribute to supporting my nervous system. It's not about never being activated, it's knowing I have my back when I do. This keeps me on form, motivated and focused so when I'm implementing new decisions I am supported. Nervous system regulation is not just medicine, it's also prevention.
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