Start and grow your coaching business around the 9to5

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Life coach sign build your coaching business around the 9to5
Starting and growing your coaching business is simple when you know how. But simple is not the same as easy.
It takes strategy and mindset. Decisions and execution. Dreaming big and facing your fears every step of the way.
So which 9to5 and business situation-ship best describes you? 


1: You're starting and growing your coaching business around your day job

  • You're currently in an established professional career and the 9to5 is going pretty well.
  • You've found coaching and you know it's who you are meant to be.
  • You love having a personal 1:1 coach to create even more harmony and ramp up the results you are already creating in your business.
  • You are SO ready to maximise the results that are already working for you and your full-time coaching dream feels so so tangible, you just want to get there FASTER and with ease and flow.


2: You want to quit your 9to5 but you're not making from life coaching yet

  • You're currently in an established professional career and it's draining you...
  • It feels like you're trapped by the 9to5 and you know your business isn't yet able to sustain you.
  • You know there is a lot that you don't know and you know you need strategic and mindset support to help you get on track with WHAT you should be doing in your business and HOW you can approach it whilst managing and making big decisions about the 9to5.
  • You know you have limiting beliefs AND you're ready AF to have more fun, balance and ultimately, create clients and MONEY in your business like yesterday.


3. You're a full time coach, but you're not making money 

  • Quitting the 9to5 felt scary and brave, and you KNOW it's meant for you, but going 'ALL-IN' hasn't created the sudden influx of clients, money or manifestations you were secretly hoping for.
  • You're feeling the pressure of money, your savings are dwindling and it's either time to go back to work or make the business work - if only you knew how...
  • This one is simple Coach, you need to make a change and start seeing results urgently otherwise you're going back to work.


4. You're back in the 9to5 after trying to make your coaching business work full time

  • Maybe you went back to your previous career, or went back as a contractor, freelancer, or temp.
  • The contrast feels even bigger than before because you've tasted the freedom of being full-time in your biz, but money and bills have meant you have had to make the tough decision to bite the bullet and create some income.
  • Now your purpose and drive to make coaching work is bigger than ever and yet you can feel yourself getting sucked into the corporate grind all over again.
  • You want to keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused on your coaching dreams for real this time.
Which one do you relate to?
I just described the 4 types of situation-ships my clients find themselves in when it comes to starting and growing their coaching business.
None of them are a problem. What is important is what you do next. Download the free resources bundle which includes a 40 minute masterclass on How to Create Coaching Clients.  
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