The first vital step to making money as a Life Coach

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So many new coaches miss this vital first step.

You have worked hard to get the certification or you know you're close to completion. 

You've even started sharing posts about mindset, your morning routine and even niche specific content of sorts. 

But clients? Asking for money? Getting paid? Making offers online and in real life? What if they don't get the results? 

Either, you have too many offers and none of them selling and you're not sure what's what, and which is best for who, you're scared to exclude but you don't want to be salesy either,  and on sales calls they're just as confused about what they want as you. 

Or you have nothing concrete to sell. Yet you want to be making money and coaching is all you think about, but you don't have a clear offer and the idea of choosing something is very hard. 


This is exactly what you need to do next to start making money as a life coach.


Create a life coaching offer 


This is why establishing your priority offer is the very first thing I do with my clients inside THRIVE.


Because unless you have something clear and defined to sell, you can't make money as a life coach. The longer you're not making money as a life coach, the longer you will have to stay in the 9to5.


Certification alone does not magically create clients, nor does it tend to equip you to deal with real client challenges - like when they don't pay on time, or they're presenting with depression, or they ask to move their session  5minutes before it's due to start, managing a coaching relationship or dealing with sales and objections. 

And when you create an offer, we don't beat around the bush with things you think are 'easier' to sell, or will make you most the money fastest at the expense of your alignment and mission, because ultimately, this thinking is exactly WHY you haven't made money you know you are capable of yet. 


Ready to take your life coaching business to the next level?


Of course, yes! The next step is to download the free resources bundle where I share 4 steps to creating your next client as a life coach. 


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