Spinning Plates: Balancing Your Coaching Business and the 9to5 Grind

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Building your soul-led coaching business while holding down your 9to5 can feel like a delicate act of spinning plates. One moment, you're confidently managing your business plate, but then an unexpected work demand arises, causing your business plate to waiver or drop.
Before you know it, you haven't posted for a week, and the uncertainty of where your next client is coming from starts creeping in. The truth is, we all juggle numerous responsibilities, making plate dropping a normal occurrence.
What you do next is everything.
  1. Move Through Your Feelings:

When you notice a plate drop, it's crucial to recognize any feelings of shame, judgment, or past trauma that may arise. Take the time to process and regulate your emotions, allowing yourself to move through them. If you find it challenging to navigate this on your own or you're not sure how, then please, invest in a coach (ps. I can help you!).
Remember, seeking support is a sound investment of your time, money and energy.
  1. Reclaim Your Power

Amidst the chaos, it's essential to remember who TF you are. Remind yourself of why you started life coaching in the first place. Reflect on the wins you've already experienced, the progress you've made, and the vision and mission that fuel your passion.
Rekindle your sense of purpose, and find the motivation and determination needed to overcome setbacks.
  1. Recommit and Take Action

Recommitment goes beyond mere intention. It involves taking concrete steps towards your goals, even if they seem small or incremental. I love to ask myself this powerful question: "What is the most high-value action I can take today?". By focusing on one actionable step, you regain control and create momentum.
Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and your coaching business won't be either. Be patient, stay committed, and celebrate every small victory along the way.
  1. Invest in a strategy

When motivation drops we're left with our base line level of thinking and feeling. So in the absence of motivation you need a system. A system that reliably creates the results you want, and allows you to keep taking aligned action even when you don't feel like it (within reason). If you don't have a clear strategy and systems this is another area you seriously want to invest in and lock down.
Pro Tip: Don't Skip Steps 1, 2 and 4.
It's tempting to rush straight to step 3, fueled by urgency, anxiety, and stress. However, this approach is far from efficient. Instead, prioritize steps 1, 2 and 4 to ensure you're operating from an inspired and grounded place. Hustling with a frantic energy may yield short-term results, but true and sustainable success comes from having your own back and having a business that functions even if you're not.
Building a coaching business alongside your 9to5 takes energy. Plate dropping is a natural part of the process, especially as you navigate the early stages of growth, capacity building, and gaining confidence.
When a plate does drops, remember to acknowledge your feelings, reclaim your power, take meaningful action and fall back on your tried and tested strategy. Prioritizing your emotional well-being and staying connected to your purpose will help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs.
Remember, if you want help with any of this, then you can find out more about THRIVE here.

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