New Year New Me is OUT.

Especially the things you assume about what you are, or are not capable of.
Be willing to put everything you thought you knew on the line.
Be ready to be mind blown.
Be obsessed with your own evolution.
Take it all the way.
If you can, maybe just maybe, achieve a couple of new clients this quarter, why not this month? Why not THIS week?
If you could show up audaciously, and just say what's on your mind, but you worry what they might think, or that it's just not for someone like you, then lay that thought out on the table and stare the brightest torchlight on it right this second.
Why can't you? Like really?
Who cares? Who actually cares?
Let your business be the you, you want to be.
More YOU. Not you doing more. Or trying more. Or having to learn more. Just you being more of all you are right this second with all you already know.
Leave who you have always been for the 9to5. It's predictable, 'reliable' (kind of) you know who you are and what you're expected to be. It's probably a smaller, more 'professional' (PUKE), conforming version of you. But it got you THIS far and it serves you, for now. It keeps you financially secure, just while you're over here creating magic with what you know is really you.
So why not let your business be the place you CLAIM the REAL YOU-ness. The magic you know that is inside you. The genius of coaching, or whatever modality you offer, in whatever field you feel called to help people in, but with the  magic only YOU can bring. Because of how YOU see it, feel it, say it, transform it.
New Year, New Me is OUT.
New Year, MORE Me is IN.
LFG coach.
Are you ready to get serious about  building your coaching business around the 9to5?
Do it with the support you deserve - not second guessing, not doubting, not hoping and affirming, but actually being fully YOU, doing it in a WAY that feels manageable and enjoyable, with confidence, simplicity and clarity.
Book using the link here in the bio coach.
I can't wait to meet you.
Your coach,

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