Not every coach uses social media for clients

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There are TWO ways you might be using Social Media for your coaching business.





Which category are you?


Client Generation. 


You're not just here to show face, you're here to actively call in, engage, support people before they ever pay you AND sign clients.

Basically, the ONLY way you want to create clients is through social media. 


(This is what I do and how I replaced my corporate salary as social media is my primary form of client generation.)


How to make this successful?

You MUST be selling DAILY.

Think of using social media as if it were a website:


1. Showcase your offer CLEARLY

2. Create TRUST with your audience by sharing who you are and what you're about

3. Share SOCIAL PROOF of how you have helped yourself and others

4. Providing VALUE ahead of time, before they pay you SO THAT they feel SAFE paying you.


If you're not doing any of these 4 things as a BARE MINIMUM then that's probably why you're probably not creating clients from your Instagram account.

This is everything you learn inside Messaging Mastery (and more).





Meta, Tiktok, X, are nice to have but NOT a MUST have to create clients for you. You are showing up elsewhere and creating clients through other means; both online and in person, including through referrals or via corporates. 


Social Media for you is just a LIVE update feed to SUPPORT potential clients in making the decision to work with you, but it is not the ENTIRE cycle of decision-making for them. 


Since a website or business card is stagnant and has no date - your social media is you're 'I'm open for business' sign because you are active but not necessarily putting all your eggs in one basket  - meaning you don't HAVE to show up every day, but if you do that's awesome.


You can get away with being more 'hands-off', less 'social' and less consistent. THAT BEING SAID, everything listed in Client Generation is still HIGHLY VALUABLE to optimise the experience for people who are using social media to find you. 


Either way, social media is a FREE and highly VALUABLE tool for you to leverage. You don't have to learn how to love it, but it sure as hell breaks down the resistance to using it on the daily. 


Your Secret WEAPON to make ALL OF IT  work for you is THIS:


Your message. (Surprise surprise). Hear me out...


The Number #1 ROOT problem I see coaches struggle with, no matter HOW they use social media is having clarity in their message.

Because your message isn't just about your posts. It's about your sales calls, Dm's, conversations and literally any time  you are communicating to a client about who you are and what you do. It's how I have a 90% conversion rate in my consults because I know how to convey clearly in a way my clients understand. Your people need this from YOU.


You have 100% clarity in your message when you:

 💎 Know EXACTLY what to say every time you show up AND in the dm's, sales calls

 💎 Have a VERY CLEAR client in mind and you know exactly how you help them and WHY

 💎 Can clearly articulate their problem as they experience it (hint - they are not experiencing their problems in 'coachy' speak)

💎  Can directly link exactly HOW your coaching is THE solution to their problem and confidently position it as so, not through clever language but because it is an HONEST rendition of what you ACTUALLY do to help people. 


(Basically - you talk about your coaching and their problems and wants in a way they can verrrrry easily understand).


When you have this, HOW you share it on ANY platform becomes PLAY. So it doesn't matter if you prefer Lives, Reels, Carousels, posts, imagery, poetry, blogs, stories or if you sell in DM's or consults or in real life over a coffee or walk in the park because the message IS the message. 



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