Love coaching but hate sales?

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Love coaching but hate sales?


Wish you could just coach all day and never have to deal with:

  • creating content
  • speaking to people
  • having sales calls
  • asking for money?

Then lean in, we need to address this ASAP if you have any hopes of building a soul-led, heart-led profitable business that you actually love to build.


Why? Because for as long as you keep resisting, you will not create clients, make the kind of money you are capable of or enjoy your business if you keep resisting the business stuff.


When you keep resisting stuff like:


- Actually setting up your basic business systems, like an email list, your biz bank account, some kind of social media presence or actually just telling people you're a life coach.


You're missing out on the fun, experimentation and joy of bringing your ideas to life, of being who you secretly desire to be (a successful AF business owner) and claiming your desires. 

- The skill development of writing compelling and powerful copy that makes your clients feel safe, seen and heard (Like this email) even if they don't actually engage with it.

Because the truth is writing great copy actually feels satisfying AF when you learn how.

- Or the magic of supporting a client in choosing to invest themselves in FULL confidence that them putting their money where their mouth is actually the best thing they could possibly spend their money on and a HUGE part of the process of them beginning their transformation. 

Because I know from experience, that investing in myself, my brain, my future and my business IS the best way to spend money every, single, time.

Resisting the audacity and fun of having influence (without the cringe of being an influencer) and sharing my life in a way that inspires, motivates, instils belief and makes me proud to realise what I have created. 

Because I know you see this too, that what you have now and the journey you've been on is so much more purpose-led, and fulfilling than ever before and you need others to see this is possible for them too. 

So coach, please, stop resisting the business side. It's essential, necessary and get's to be FUN when you let it be. 

If you really want to create a scenario where you get to coach all day then learning to not just deal with, but ENJOY and get damn GREAT at creating content, speaking to people, having sales calls and asking for money IS how you do that.


Embrace this, stop resisting it. And if you want help with that, then you know where to find me...

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