If lowering your prices STILL isn't creating clients read this.

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If you’re still not creating clients after lowering your prices then you have a messaging issue, not a pricing issue. 

I know lowering your prices can feel like the easiest way to create clients. But when that isn’t working then what?

It’s your message. 

Because unless people realise you can help them they won’t work with you, ever, even if it’s FREE. 

This is why offering even free coaching can you leave you with crickets. 

It’s not you - you’re a fantastic  coach and a GREAT person. 

It’s not your price - or they would've snapped  it up by now.

It’s this...


You’re not OWNING your magic and it shows


Sharing motivational quotes with no context,  being bummed out on the sofa ‘taking a self care day’ when really you’re underwhelmed feeling ‘meh’, sticking to some pretty branded templates that are restricting your message so you succumb to the cage of ‘brand consistency’ instead of trusting the message as it wants to come through. 


You’re giving ‘at least I showed up today’ instead of being a woman in your power who knows who you are and what you stand for. 


You're not speaking from authority


Instead of pedestaling that 7 figure coach and sharing her offers more often than your own, secretly worrying that you’ll offend your audience and believing you’re not qualified to speak candidly about your own opinions even when you have a certification you spent MONTHS working for and a LIFETIME of wisdom to share.


It’s time to speak from authority from a place of deep self-assuredness just like you do in your 9to5. Yes, this means believing your perspective, wisdom and experience needs to be heard because it does. It really really does. 


You're not being clear and direct who your coaching is for


Because if you’re not really sure who you’re speaking to, then you’re audience won’t be either. You have to lead first which means being clear as a blue sky day on who you deeply desire to call in and support. 


This requires two things:

1. Self-Permission to decide that you are worthy of what you want.
2. Self-trust that any decision you make is the right one. 


The biggy > You're not actually selling


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are selling because you think about coaching and being full-time in your business all day. But what you actually wrote was ‘Dm for a chat!’ and,  unfortunately, that just ain't gonna cut it. 


If you’re secretly cringing inside, it’s okay. I’ve been there too, and that changed swiftly when I realised. Invitation to lean into selling that’s direct and clear even if that feels new and uncomfortable.


Starting to see how this has nothing to do with price and everything to do with your message?


Everything I described is what we elevate in Messaging Mastery because you are so ready to create paid clients even if you’re in a busy 9to5 and even if some of these concepts feel pretty ballsy. 


I’ve got you. 


(This all scared the s**t out of me at first and now look at me.)


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