Hating your 9to5 right now and just want to quit? Read this

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Life coach who wants to quit her 9to5

Polarity in your thoughts creates dissonance in your body and THAT'S what blocks money, clients and abundance flowing in.

Allow me to explain...

When I left my 9to5 I was SO DONE with it. NEVER again I said. I hear clients say it now....

But now my viewpoint has radically shifted. The 9to5 isn't the enemy, the way you think about it is.

When you think to yourself 'I can't stand this (job) anymore' is it because you are running away from it or because you desire something different?

A new perspective on your 9to5

A perspective of 'I get to have anything, and I could choose to leave and I CHOOSE to stay'. Which is a very different energy.

Here's why this matters:

If you continue to carry the frequency of : 'I HATE my 9to5, and I will NEVER do this again', or 'I just want to QUIT already' you are giving it your power. How does it feel to focus your energy here? Probably not great; it requires you to hold onto resentment, anger, victimhood, disgust and/or rejection (in the context of rejecting something).

I shared a post a week or so ago saying 'What you HATE about your 9to5 > turn it into FUEL'.

The language was intentionally striking but the energy is actually very different to the words on the surface. I'm speaking of alchemy here.

I'm speaking of really seeing what no longer serves you, even if you must keep it (like the job you are so DONE with) and use it as a reminder every day to feel:

💎 Gratitude for it leading you to this path, knowing and pursuing another way
💎 A potent reminder of what you could achieve with something you LOVE when you can achieve so much with something you don't
💎 Drive, ambition and purpose to keep learning, growing, expanding in your coaching business


Your 9to5 is neutral

All this to say, your 9to5 is neutral. Be mindful of not becoming a victim of your circumstances because you always have control of your boundaries, energy, and thoughts.

Your 9to5 has no power over you unless you let it, even if it asks a lot from you (such as your time, physical and mental energy). As for business > you don't need a million hours each day to make it work.

Just notice where the energy you spend hating on your 9to5 or your fear of going back stops you from actually doing the work that matters in your business in a way that lights you up.


How this impacts your business

The longer you stay in this negative energy the more dissonance it creates. Dissonance basically means a lack of harmony. Ever heard an orchestra that wasn't in harmony with each other? It's ear splitting at best. 

Your body needs harmony to function. Without harmony you have stress. And stress, well... you know where that leads. Stress shows-up in your business as not getting clients, or not keeping the flow of clients. 

It's the difference between always feeling like you are a victim to something and actually stepping into your personal power and recognising you have choice, even when it doesn't feel like it. 

This is where business is all about mindset first and strategy second. It's exactly why one strategy works for one coach and not the other. Instead of letting your 9to5 get in the way, why not embrace it as being the way. Being the very thing that supports you to create the business you know you are capable of. Now how about that for a mindset shift. 

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