Your Enoughness-wound is stalling your business success.

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Life coach journal that says 'You are enough'


These are the sneaky ways your 'enoughness' wound is showing up in your business...

In my experience the core of many of our fears comes back to being 'enough'.

Any decent life coach should probably be rolling their eyes right now and saying

'yeah d'uh'.... (I know you know)

It certainly was the case for me and it shows up in my clients too.

I also bet you've already worked on this through your training and personal-development to date...

But do you see the sneaky ways it's impacting your business right now?

'Wait - what?'

Yeah. And I've got you. This is why my clients hire me.

These are the ways your lack of enoughness is leaking out in your business and preventing you from creating the clients and money you're capable of....


In your marketing...


  • Joining new platforms so you can reach more people and be in all the places
  • Trying to post every single day even when you're exhausted
  • Only posting the things you think are glamorous, IG worthy or you will only show up if you're fully done up
  • Not saying what you really think and never selling what you really think for fear of being judged
  • Only selling and never sharing the real, the mundane, the personal for fear of being judged

Then this needs to be addressed in how you're showing up because your potential clients are getting a watered-down, curated version, just another-coach version of you and that's not what you or they want or need.


In your biz finances...


  • Adding cheap offers because you think it's easier to sell
  • Feeling anxious when you check your bank account
  • Worrying about your money and where the next pay-check is coming from even when you actually have a healthy savings account and salary coming in...

Then we need to look at your money-mindset, self-worth and sufficiency because it's stopping you from attracting the right clients who are so looking for your help right now.


In your sales...


  • Wanting to charge 'high ticket' yet also think no one can afford it (do you see the contradiction here?)
  • Over-talking, over-explaining, or changing your price in sales calls
  • Overgiving in your offers so that they 'get their money's worth' to justify the price.

Then we need to clean up the congruency of you and your offers so the people who come into your world can actually be sure you're the coach for them instead of 'asking the hubby' or 'thinking about it'.


In your expertise...


  • Over-planning for your sessions only to use a fraction of your prep
  • Reading up on your niche (I cannot emphasize enough the irony here)
  • Joining or researching (and wasting time) on another qualification so you can be more credible

Then your delivery, self-confidence, and self-belief need to be addressed so you can OWN your magic, and showcase who you ARE instead of what you're not.


It's not that you never do these things, really it's the WAY you do them.


For example, there will be a time when you may indeed expand your offer suite, gain another qualification, check your bank account (highly recommend lol) and start cross-purposing.

However the energy is extremely different when you are doing these things from a place of enoughness every (clap) single (clap) time (clap).

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