Do you need Therapy or Coaching?

coaching vs therapy?
Have you wondered the distinction yourself?
Let me lay it out here:
If you say YES to any these questions:
  • Are you struggling with basic self care?
  • Are you dealing with a major trauma, PTSD, or diagnosed mental illness which doesn't feel under control?
  •  Are you just trying to create some 'normality' following a period of stress or challenge?
  • Do you just need to be seen and heard and to clear your head through the fog?
Then a therapist is best placed to support you and is an excellent way to get your life back on track.
Note - the last bullet point is entirely valid even if you have NONE of the other things above.
I recommend therapy to anyone who asks me.
If you say YES to the following questions:
  • Are you willing to be lovingly challenged in a safe, supportive and expansive way?
  • Are you willing to be shown how your thoughts and feelings are creating the experience of your life and how to change those thoughts and feelings?
  • Do you have desires, dreams or goals that you wish to create specificity around in order to accomplish them within a desired time frame?
  • Do you see the value of investing in yourself financially, in order to receive clarity, support, healing, accountability and cheerleading to get you to your desired goals?
  • Are you ready to step OUT of your comfort zone and learn new ways of thinking, feeling and responding to your circumstances in order to create new, desired results?
  • Are you willing to feel the discomfort of trying something new, to develop a new relationship with failure and create a deeper level of self love, trust and sovereignty?
Then that's where a coach, just like me, comes in.
I do NOT recommend coaching to everyone.
I cannot emphasise the importance of asking yourself these questions.
It is absolutely not a problem if you said no to these questions, or if like me, the first time I saw this kind of stuff, felt a little bit activated.
Get curious - that's where growth happens.
Therapy typically plays in the realm of mental illness and getting you back on your feet and into the fundamentals of mental wellness.
Coaching starts from a place of established mental wellness and takes you beyond into expansion, activation and growth.
But it is not one or the other either. We are complex beings and don't operate linearly. That's why it doesn't have to be one or the other. Many of my clients also have therapy and many do not. 
Yes you can absolutely have a mental illness that is diagnosed and under control and also successfully receive coaching. If that changes during a coaching container with me, it's not a problem, coaching simply get's paused or cancelled/refunded.
Coaching is not a transactional service, it's a deeply transformative container that has the power to change the trajectory of your life in the best possible way.
If it's something you are unsure about, that is why we have a free consultation. Schedule your call here

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