5 ways to get motivated in your coaching biz after a long day at work

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Life coach building her biz after work

Making the time and energy to work on your coaching biz is no small ask. 

You work damn hard already, your life is already full, and now coaching.

It's a blessing and a challenge to fit it all in.... 


1. Change your state

Don't just close Teams then open Canva.

Step away from the laptop, take a shower, a walk, stretch, hydrate, nourish, dance, shake, scream.

Let go of the energetic weight of work and don't start on your biz until you're in a refreshed state.

15 minutes of cutting the chord will help you enter your biz in a clean energetic state.


2. Get crystal clear on what actually creates clients

Remember that once your fundamental business systems are set up and your offer is decided, the rest is truly, attracting, connecting and serving the people you are here to help.

'Busy-ness' doesn't create business. Strategy, energetics and action does. 


3. Let it be enough

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your business. Yet many overestimate how much they can get done in 2 hours and underestimate how much can change over a few months.

Do what you intend to do, and let yourself be satisfied. Then get out, rest, replenish, surrender, trust and enjoy your life.

You didn't start coaching to create another version of your 9to5. 


4. Don't expect to feel motivated

The biggy. Motivation alone doesn't get anyone very far. Why? Because it's an emotion, and emotions are fleeting.

Commitment is a choice that can be habituated.

In the absence of motivation we revert to our most baseline habits. By habituating what actually creates clients (ref Step 2) it won't matter how motivated you are because you're not relying on that to actually take action.


5. Reconsider whether waiting till after work is actually working for you.

Starting a coaching business isn't a new hobby you fit in around your spare time.

Firstly, you don't have spare time.

Secondly, you started coaching to make it become something, to one day replace your income.

So treat it front and centre and it will be.

Do you need to consider making time before work instead?

When are you actually most energised, and what are you willing to rearrange to create the energy, time and space you need to make it work?


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