5 Things to normalise for new coaches

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Distractions for new business owners

Have you compared your day 1 or year 1 to someone else's year 5? We can be left wanting when we see someone else's success being constantly shared online, let alone the pressure we put on ourselves to 'be there' already. 

Here are 5 things to normalise for new business owners;

1. There is NOTHING wrong with working another job whilst you build your business.
(Everyone's risk level is completely different and that's okay.)

2. Having a small following has no correlation to your level of success or ability to make money now.
(To have 10 clients you need to start with 1 client.)

3. It is normal to experience overwhelm, doubt and fear when starting a new business.
(It doesn't stop you from being a great coach, business owner, or you know.... human.)

4. Taking rest when you need it does not mean you are not dedicated to your business.
(So watch those negative thoughts and give yourself permission to re-energise)

5. Celebrate every milestone to help compound the belief that this IS happening for you.
(This includes your first Instagram live, your first client, your first testimonial, your first payment and the rest!).

You started this business to create a better future for yourself. However as new (or even established) business owners, it's actually our perception of what is going on that is impacting how we feel, and therefore how we experience life. 


So let's get clear about what you are struggling with right now;

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start?
  • Perhaps you are struggling to switch off from business?
  • Maybe you feel like it's never enough?
  • Or that everything else is getting in the way of your work, or your life?
  • You've seen someone else celebrate a huge milestone and you're wondering if, not when you will get there?

In order to work through this, invitation to first, identify exactly what you are feeling and then journal on these three things;


Let's break this down even further, Coach:

(Grab your notepad and pen).

Choose one from the list above that you're working through right now...


1. What are you making it mean?

When you can really understand what your thought process is we can begin to unravel this and transform it. 


2. How is this impacting you?

By understanding what it's stopping you from achieving and what's at stake you can start to make more informed decisions about what is important to you and therefore what the next step may be.


3. What is it costing you if you don't change?

What would your life or business look like next week if you don't change this? How about next month? Next year? Every day in the rut is another day not making your dreams come true. Sometimes we need to see the cost to make the change and fear of the unknown worth it right!


3. Create a solution

Sometimes, we don't know what we don't know. Firstly ask yourself, if I did know, what could I do? Still not sure? Then coach, this is your sign to get the support you, your business and your dreams deserve. The solution is sometimes just an investment away. 

Get through the other side, with more focus, strategy, support, purpose, clarity and alignment with what feels good and possible for you.


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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