3 things I NEVER waste time on in my business...

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There are 3 things I decided to NEVER waste time on in my business.
These 3 things can seem important, and you want to just get them juuuust right....
But know, if you're focused on these, then that tells me you're not focused on:
More specifically...
  1. What actually creates clients
  2. Their desires and challenges
  3. How you can be more valuable to your people
  4. The next best action to get in front of people who want help with what you offer.
It simply isn't and will never be any of THIS:
  1. What to call myself

To this day I still refer to myself as a Life Coach most of the time - even though I have a clearly defined 'niche' and I'm really, more specifically a biz coach.
I just don't waste time worrying if my audience will get me (because they're intelligent women who GET me) or if it's correct (because there are no title police!) and, most importantly NO ONE CARES (and that's a GREAT thing!).
  1. What to call a consult

Seriously, call it what it is.
DO NOT dress it up as a strategy call, free audit, chemistry call (because wtf does that mean), or worry about people getting the 'wrong impression'.
Call it a sales call or consult because News Flash - THAT'S WHAT IT IS.
What's sleazy is dressing up a call to be something it isn't so you can manipulate people into joining a call with you, then trying to sell them. (I paid for coaching that way once and felt off the ENTIRE container.) NEVER again.
  1. What to call the Offer

Now, if you're blessed with the gift of finding alliteration easily (not me) or are naturally poetic (Sometimes me but never when I need it lol) then don't stress over this. Again, call it what it is or what it aims to do, achieve or experience.
The last 3 things I offered were called:
Your First Paid Client
Success Leaves Clues
Entrepreneurship feels like s**t
Keep it simple, straight and to the point - your people will appreciate you for it.

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