9. Overcoming the guilt of building your coaching biz around the 9to5 with Roz Bacon

Roz is a life coach who helps her clients get unstuck.   When Roz joined, she wanted to take her business seriously, get paid as a real coach, take her coaching from side-hustle to being a real business and how she made her vision board of transitioning from full-time to 4 days per week within 6 months a reality.   Inside the latest episode of the Build your Coaching Business Around the 9to5, Roz shares her incredible journey, and it's only just beginning. We discussed:  

  1. Overcoming the guilt of building her coaching business around the 9to5
  2. Transitioning to 4 days per week in Corporate
  3. Balancing daily work demands with business
  4. Trusting that clients are coming

  Listen or watch on your favourite platform TODAY because if I can and Roz can build our business around the 9to5, then you certainly can.   Be ready to be inspired, take notes and be sure to drop me a DM once you've listened.