5 - Sliding Scale Pricing

In today's Episode: I discuss Sliding Scale Pricing:

 I share:

  • What Sliding Scale Pricing is and who it's for 
  • Why I'm so excited by this new structure and what it means for my clients
  • Acknowledging my own privilege and how that impacts the pricing I choose for my 1:1 coaching offer 
  • The Green Bottle Method by Worts + Cunning
  • How the Sliding Scale has shifted my Money Mindset and what that means for you too
  • What it means to have Financial Capital
  • Things to consider if Sliding Scale Pricing is right for your coaching business 

To see how I have implemented Sliding Scale Pricing in my own Signature Program tap HERE.

To find out more about the Sliding Scale Pricing model from  Worts + Cunning  tap HERE.

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