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Being a life coach also means becoming a business owner. If making money has felt like a fluke so far, then it's likely you don't have a viable business yet. This isn't a problem, if you're happy to stay in your 9to5. But if you dream of more then read on...

Get lucky or get serious 

You can occasionally get lucky and sell life coaching or you can start and grow a business. 
One of the things my clients love about working with me is the way I call them forward to uplevel in their business through a mature approach.
Maybe it's my corporate background, my business degree, working in HR all my career, or just my slightly serious-when-it-comes-to-important-things-nature.
But to me, building my coaching business was always that. Something to take seriously.
I took the idea of charging for coaching seriously from the outset and invested, probably too soon, in some of the things I learned the hard way that you simply don't need right away like my website, systems, and back end. Now, inside THRIVE, I show my clients exactly what matters which is simply:
  1. Making key decisions about WHAT your coaching offer is
  2. Execute daily in a way that actually yields results
In truth it surprises me when coaches tell me they didn't realise there is so much more than just canva posts online, having a million different offers and price points, not understanding why an offer hasn't sold when you've shared literally one clear CTA online all week, and being all positive vibes to attract your tribe.
It's why when I coach my clients I'm never afraid to tell them straight.
We get to it - what you want to create, then how you get out there and execute on it. Then we evaluate, refine and repeat.

The CEO Strategy Session

It's why the program starts with the CEO Strategy to make these key decisions and why you have 6 months to execute. I'm serious about helping you get there. The best part, is once the serious stuff is out the way like the key decisions and how you're going to execute then the rest of the space is truly for the fun. To grow, expand, explore, experiment and experience all of the highs and lows of being a coach in this space and finding your groove, figuring out what works and what doesn't and learning who you came here to be.
I love this work so much because I care deeply about women living their purpose and creating wealth on their terms. It hasn't come to you by accident. It's come to you because you are capable of it. But it requires you to step up and show up, the investment is just the start.
Doing this requires skills that I don't see being taught on IG so much. Skills such as discernment, developing business savvy and having a CEO Mindset which means truly owning your own results and fearlessly backing yourself even when it's scary and developing a deep trust in your desires, dreams and self to create something from nothing.

What about the 9to5?

So that's the business side taken care of, but what about your career?
As a LIFE & business mindset coach, THRIVE coaching covers the big picture too. What actually to do about your 9to5, do you stay, go, go part time, find a new role? Managing the burnout, finding the energy to work on your biz... it all plays a part.
So, all this to say, if you're resonating, and you no longer want to go it alone. Then it's time coach. Join me. You can book your consult HERE.
Your coach,

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