Is business feeling heavy at the moment?

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Life coach feeling heavy in their business at their desk

Is business feeling heavy at the moment?

Let's look into that shall we...Here are 4 possible reasons why you've business feels heavy right now:

1. You're creating content more than you're actually coaching.

Sick of posting on socials?

You want to help people with 1:1 coaching and you don't feel like you are, especially when you feel like you're just posting into the void.

2. You're taking it so seriously

Stressed with constantly guessing where the next client is coming from?It's a strange duality of knowing this is who you are now and you're not doing enough of what lights you up and that's draining.

3. You're not fully supported

Scrambling for breadcrumbs from courses you've outgrown?You're not plugged into a 1:1 coach who can fully support you with the tactical steps, the mindset shifts and energy blocks. You're still scrambling for attention in a group where you're one of many and even if you do get help, you feel pretty vulnerable sharing it in front of so many so you keep looking for answers alone.

Why wait 3 weeks to move through something when you can do it in 30 mins in private 1:1?

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