3 signs everything is working in your coaching biz!

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Let's celebrate! Your business get's to feel good but when you're always working towards a goal how do you know that what you have now is right?


Scan this and let's find out...


1. You already LOVE your offer


So much so that when it comes to showing up and talking about your offer, telling a client about your offer (whether that's in a caption, conversation, dm, or zoom call) or actually delivering your offer, you feel a FULL yes, this is exciting, expansive, exactly what I'm about and want to be offering to the world in this moment. 


2. You are confidently SELLING it daily 


You know exactly what your offer is and there's no doubt or hesitation about what it does or who it's for.

So much so that you are actively selling it right now (for example you have probably already whole-heartedly posted about it on your stories today as if it was the best thing since sliced bread) because you feel so aligned, so READY and so clear that the next natural step is to just show up and sell, so you can actually deliver this beautiful thing you have created to clients who love it too.

It doesn't feel sleazy, because you know selling your offer is the best and only way to truly give them the full transformation they deeply desire even if your marketing is so good you often feel like you're already giving so much for free. 


 3. You're beautifully in demand and everything is working


Clients are regularly coming.

You feel alignment with the transformations you want to create, and the coaching you actually deliver

It shows not just in your client outcomes or your marketing, which you feel naturally inspired to do, but you're generally feeling calm, collected, and on top of your business because your offer is irresistible and it shows.


Goosebumps. It get's to feel this good.


This is how happy money, happy clients and a happy CEO is made.  

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