Craft Your Irresistible Coaching Offer

 Creating an irresistible coaching offer is something I see brilliant life coaches skim over, DIY, and fall at the first hurdle. It's so much more than the duration, price, and number of sessions.


This is for you if any of the below applies:

👉You have an offer but simply don't love it yet.

👉Have an idea burning inside you but don't know where to begin to bring it to life and feel like you need to wait until you're more successful to do what you really want.

 👉 You're struggling to clearly define the unique value your coaching brings and you're doubting your dream of being a full time coach.

👉 You're wondering what will truly resonate with clients who are eager to work with you even though you can see they SO need to be working with you.

 👉 You're researching extra programs, resources, and homework to make your coaching even more appealing even though you already paid a LOT for your current cert.

👉You're researching additional certifications, hoping they hold the key to attracting more clients.

👉 You're experiencing a lack of confidence when discussing your offer, and it's holding you back from being ALL-IN on your marketing and selling so you post another quote hoping for clients to land in your dm's...

Then these issues are what's holding you back from creating clients, even when you are a bloody brilliant coach.

This is why I created the "Craft Your Irresistible Offer Workshop," because with every single client I have supported, the offer is the first place that needs the magic touch every single time.

Whether it's practical or energetic, we prioritize cleaning up, clarifying, solidifying, and adding some magic back into your offer because:


💃 Your offer is the core of your business. Without something to sell, you won't sell (Which is why even great coaches struggle to make money).


 💃 When you feel confident about your offer, that confidence permeates your marketing, sales, and consultations (aka - People can feel it, even if they can't explain why).


💃 The world needs more coaches. People are crying for more fulfillment, purpose, control, joy, and abundance in their lives. The things they usually spend their money on won't cut it. They need your coaching (and it's YOUR responsibility to show them why - not the universe lol). It starts with your offer.


This is about taking your experience and authority as a coach to the next level, even if you feel so new to this. Here's the magic that will unfold inside the Craft your Irresistible Offer Workshop:


 1️⃣. We'll determine where you are now, whether you're just beginning or already working with clients. This will help us understand exactly where we need to weave our magic.


 2️⃣. Next, we'll get clear on what you really, deeply want to create. Don't worry if you're not sure right now or if it feels elusive. I'll guide you in a stunning, channeled meditation that taps into your subconscious and skillfully draws out the magic you didn't fully know you had and bring it to light.


 3️⃣. Then, stepping into your most resourceful, capable, and supported self, I guide you into consolidating the mind and heart to finalize your offer and add the finishing touches. This includes getting clear on the transformation you deliver and who it serves best.


 4️⃣. Finally, we then connect to the client who is perfect for your offer. This is not some avatar BS; this is a practical roadmap to deeply connect and call in your most ideal person for your newly created or refined irresistible coaching offer.


 5️⃣. After the workshop, you'll have one week of group Voxer access for seamless integration as you take your irresistible offer into the world feeling clear and confident as you finally have something you KNOW speaks exactly from your soul. This is a co-creative process for your business as you finally sit in trust and connect to the work you really want to be doing in this world. Does this sound good? Trust that knowing....

2 hour deep dive workshop to craft your coaching offer PLUS 1 week of follow up Group Voxer support.

Let your head meet your heart, and through guided journalling, and a powerful guided active meditation, you will be channeled to craft your soul-led coaching offer. 

Afterwards, you will learn my unique philosophy for connecting to the client who is ready, willing and able to pay you for your beautiful journey of transformation. 

Whether this is to craft something brand new, or refine something that needs a fresh lease of life, this is the perfect, hands-on workshop for you where you will receive live coaching and support to leave feeling clear, confident and excited to market your offer. 

You will leave with:

 - an irresistible offer that deeply reflects who you are and the magic you wish to create in this world

 - absolute clarity on who you are calling into your offer


You will then use this to:

 - market and sell your irresistible offer from certainty, confidence and clarity whether that's online, in person or on a consult or in the dm's.

This is more than just business, this is creating your soul-led business.


Don't just take my word for it...




£333.00 GBP