Employee to CEO

The Masterclass

For the ALL-IN Soul-Led Life Coach going full-time in their profitable coaching practice.

Next event: 4th July 2024

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Coach, you're here to:


Build a thriving coaching practice that attracts a steady flow of clients.


Establish yourself as a respected and sought-after life coach who is known for creating massive transformation.


Achieve financial stability and independence through your coaching practice.


Experience a sense of purpose and satisfaction from making a meaningful difference in your clients' lives.


Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss and running a successful business on your terms.

You're here because:

You've got far in your career, but you know deep down that it's not who you are anymore; you want to be a full-time Life Coach.


You know you should be able to have it all, but balancing your coaching business with day-to-day responsibilities can be challenging.


You're often tempted to just quit but are held back by bills and the lack of a clear plan to transition fully into coaching.


Or maybe you've already taken the leap, only to find yourself working harder than you did the 9to5 wondering why clients aren't coming, despite having more time and freedom.


Whether you're still juggling a job or have gone all-in, you question if you can succeed in coaching as you did in your career...

Inside this FREE Employee to CEO Masterclass you will learn:


The #1 reason why most coaches aren't yet full-time in their business. 

How to know when you're business is ready to go full-time. 

How to grow your soul-led coaching business to achieve the success, freedom, and wealth that you desire.


This free Masterclass is designed specifically for soul-led life coaches like you who are committed to taking their business to full-time.

Employee to CEO Masterclass

For the Career Driven Life Coach who is taking their soul-led Life Coaching Business to full-time.